Current Trends In Office Space

Over the past few years, office space has changed quite drastically. Employers are seeing the value in creating spaces that are more open and having a more dynamic flow in the office. The changes have led to increased productivity and a more enjoyable office culture.

Office Space

Ergonomic Furniture

Ergonomic furniture combines chic artistic designs with scientifically valid techniques. The use of ergonomic furniture has become more important than ever before, now that science has shown how harmful poorly designed furniture can be on spines and necks. Ergonomic furniture can help minimise and altogether reduce the negative consequences of sitting for hours at a time. Purchasing ergonomic office furniture online can be a great way to buy the trendiest, cutting-edge designs for cheaper rates.

Workspaces that allow workers to stand up are also becoming a common trend. It is well known that sitting all day is not conducive to overall health; as such, taller desks tailored to those who would like to stand up are being utilised. A stool can be placed at these desks to alternate between sitting and standing.

Shared Workspace and Common Areas

Shared workspace is another trend. The days of sitting in a cubicle are practically over. Employees can still have privacy without feeling cramped in a tiny space. The benefit of shared workspace is that it allows employees to feel like they have more room to move around. It also helps promote collaboration and teamwork. Shared workspace can aid in getting projects completed in a timely manner and increasing the social health of the office. Being isolated in a cubicle for eight hours a day is a thing of the past.

Common areas are also more open. Instead of having a closed-off break room, there are now centralised meeting areas where staff can congregate. The use of such space creates a more friendly tone and pleasant office culture. Since some workers do not spend most of their time at their desks, the shared workspace and common areas help prevent them from having to search throughout the office for their colleagues.

Open Meetings

On a similar note to shared workspace, offices are now holding meetings that are more open. Instead of using conference rooms and closing the door, the new trend is to meet in a lounge area or in a shared workspace. This creates a feeling of connectedness. Lounge meetings are particularly effective, as staff do not feel as though they are being excluded.

Balance Between Standardisation and Flexibility

Overall, the trends suggest that office spaces are creating a balance between standardised workspaces and more dynamic spaces. Standardisation helps with fairness whilst the dynamic spaces create more open environments that can accommodate workflow and collaboration.

The trends of ergonomic furniture, shared workspace, and open meetings are all conducive to productivity. Happier employees produce more efficiently and more creatively. Offices should make every effort to increase the functionality of their workspaces.

Kevin Kholi

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