The phenomenon of watching porn is closely related to its addiction. It is an addiction that many clinical psychologists are the hardest to reveal in the social world. It is seen as a social menace in many developing nations around the world. Porn addiction is a psychological disorder in which the individual begins to fancy weird sexual adventures and fantasies. Moreover, porn addiction is a disease as it can lower the person’s work productivity. The person lives in a fantasy world with sexual dreams. In this context, it is important to note that watching the moderate amount of porn is not a type of disorder as per the view of many experts. However, if someone is habituated in exposing himself or herself to high doses of pornographic materials, then it can be called a serious illness. In many cases, the person stops interacting with their family members and social circle too. By going through sites named why porn leaves you feeling depressed, it can be guaranteed that one can effectively get rid of this dangerous addiction.

Watching porn gives rise to mental diseases

It is important to note that watching porn can make a person fall sick mentally. It is so because the effects of watching porn are quite dangerous to the mind. Many experts have agreed to the fact that the repercussions of porn addiction are not visible physically. However, they are quite subtle in the mental well-being of the person. The person becomes prone to severe mental disorders like depression and panic attacks. Moreover, a porn addict depicts lowered levels of social activities. Due to all these reasons, watching porn is a disease. On the other hand, the porn addict’s professional and personal level of interactions takes a big hit. It is so because the porn addict cannot be satisfied with what happening in real life. The person addicted to porn would always seek fantasies in which he or she can give their dreams a reality. By highlighting on why porn leaves you feeling depressed, you can effectively deal with the ill-effects associated with this disorder.

Porn addiction has a grave effect on the addict’s work productivity

It is quite obvious that if a person who is addicted to porn interacts less and suffers from depression, then that person’s work productivity would drastically reduce. This is the exact reason modern day experts recommend to stay in specialized treatment facilities that can effectively treat these patients and addicts. On the other hand, it is also important to make sure that the several types of pornographic materials are kept out of the bounds of the user. A strong determination is always needed to treat these patients effectively.

Furthermore, if an addict begins to show criminal tendencies, then it can be rightly said that porn addiction is a serious illness. It is so because, for the sake of obtaining pornographic materials, these individuals can go to any extent.

Hence, watching porn is not a disease but being addicted to it is a serious illness.   

Wilfred Hawkins

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