5 E-Commerce Lessons We Can Take From The Present Market

The traditional experience of electronic commerce typically takes the user to look at the giant e-commerce or Google itself, for desired products. After doing research, the trend is to opt for cheaper, after a comparative analysis. Or, the user spends hours in a clothing site looking for a model that will make your style even decide to buy.

But what actually happens is that e-commerce is that consumers end up losing that nice feeling of “going shopping” real world. The virtual world deprives people of that situation without commitment to walk around the mall or a commercial sector, until hitting a legal product and decide to take him home. Just follow the following lessons you can take from the present market:


1) Know about people

Retail therapy is to discover new products that excite us and cause reactions such as asking or commenting out with our friends. While many brands have added a similar button “I want!” in their product lists, the data indicate that such action is very poor in the category “understand the social reactions of consumers.” The reason is because this fact is linked to a more advanced purchasing process.

The secret is to activate people’s emotions, just as they are activated during real experience to go shopping. And leave with customers to share their reactions with other people quickly and easily. The site, next to the majority of the items, buttons with different impressions, as “extremely amazing” or “average” or “extremely weird” for people to express what they felt while reading it, showing an interest in social commenting and more times, interacting more with other Internet users.

2) Show what’s hot right now

If you make it easy for people to express their views about their products, you will also know what the biggest trend in your website is. So, you can give these “hottest” products greater attention, making them more obvious.

Presenting the fashion items, you end up driving new purchases even by casual visitors. This creates a viral cycle of self-reinforcing, leading its products to a broad exposure to potential customers. The fad is a weapon and such, and you can generate a trend within your own site. Just learn to use the right tools.

3) Don’t add cart

Give more convenience to their customers, instead of putting them to manage a shopping cart at all times, it is better to allow them to conduct their purchases with a single click. Carts are easier to abandon.

And if you disagree, here’s an example: the iTunes Store is very successful with their online sales. Have you seen any shopping cart there?

4) Appreciate mobile devices

In the present market the world exudes mobility. And since social depart findings, mostly from a social flow is more than obvious that consumption via mobile devices has been increasing more and more each day. Did you know that people are using Facebook preferably in their smartphones and tablets, instead of using the computer? It’s because it’s more practical. And you should follow suit.

Provide access to mobile devices is an indispensable factor to boost sales. But one should take into account an important fact: the behavior of consumers using tablets and smartphones is different from those who use the computer. With mobile devices, people prefer flexibility in navigation, rather than spend hours in front of the screen. Make your e-commerce provides a spontaneous, fun and easy way to browse and buy.

A good example of this approach is the mobile page from Amazon. Besides offering an application, there are simpler versions of the site itself, directed to consumers using mobile devices to more easily navigate the virtual store.

5) Use data to increase their findings

The online marketing industry is already master of aim and hit the target audience. This is because it collects data about the behavior of people and what they do when they are online.

A large balcony is using social commerce as a source to gather information and customer reviews about your products. The more people interact, the more information you have about their interests. Use this information to put the right products in evidence, and new discoveries to boost sales.

Remember that the grouping of these opinions, interests and personal tastes are so efficient that go beyond the social graph. Besides leaving consumers more feel free to comment and interact with other customers, this tactic brings many positive results. Plus, makes it less boring and more enjoyable shopping experience virtual, since only products of interest to the client are offered to him.

Using some of these tactics in your online e-commerce. Meet others who also work well with your customers? Share your ideas with us here in the comments! After all, interaction is everything, is not it. Most importantly you can apply for National Insurance number cards, Ni card, and you get insured not only to financial but to that it it take to the success of your business.

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