Are You Driven by Improved Customer Service?

What ends up driving you as a business owner?

If making sure your customers get a 100 percent effort from you and/or your staff each and every time is your goal, then have at it.

As many business owners know, customer service can end up defining them and their companies.

Driven by Improved Customer Service

Give the best customer service possible and you stand to not only retain current customers, but ultimately add new ones.

On the other side of the coin, if you do not offer solid customer service, it can be real easy to see customers head on over to the competition.

So take a moment to ask yourself, are you driven by improved customer service?

How Your Website Plays a Key Role

So that you and your business can provide the best customer service possible, it all begins with a directive.

Sure, you know at times that the customer is not always right, but you can’t ever let him or her know that.

While in-person customer service is typically the quickest way to get feedback from those you are serving, the online interaction you have with customers is equally important.

For example, if you are a business who offers service repair manuals online, you have to make sure that your efforts are as clean and smooth as possible.

In the event a consumer goes to your website looking for information on how to repair a certain make and model of a vehicle, they do not want to find a site that is unorganized, full of errors, and ultimately useless. They want to land on a site that makes getting repair talk easy, not difficult.

Be sure you review your website on a regular basis, checking for any glitches that could send consumers scurrying.

Social Aspect of Better Customer Service

Also make sure you have a website that is well marketed, especially via social media.

Some brands, be they in business for many years or just starting out, do a fantastic job of marketing their websites, others not so good.

When it comes to marketing your site on social networking venues, the best to start with include Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

On Facebook, your site should have a “fan page” whereby you can have things such as contests for consumers, poll questions, lots of imagery, and of course much more.

Twitter is a great site for retweeting articles and analysis that pertain to your particular industry.

For example, if you run a company specializing in auto industry repair, retweeting articles that provide interesting insight into how both car and truck manufacturers are looking to make safer vehicles, make parts easier to repair, and other items of this sort will prove valuable to consumers.

With Instagram, it is all about the visual.

A company involved in auto and truck repairs could post countless images of before and after repair projects.

As you can see, there is so much opportunity with social media that one would be almost negligent not to use it in promoting his or her brand.

Another social media aspect that can work for you is turning to video.

By simply putting a few informative videos about your line of business on your website or turning to sites such as YouTube, you can provide consumers with much more information about your brand.

As an example, demonstrating to consumers (car owners, motorcycle owners, truck owners etc.) about how best to do their own repairs and save money on their vehicles is likely to be well received by many of them.

You can even use customer testimonial videos to showcase how happy customers are with your brand.

As you can see, there are numerous opportunities awaiting you and your business to reel-in more customers, that is if you know how to market the fact that customer service is a high priority for your company.

If your business hasn’t exactly been driven to provide better customer service to your clients in recent years, change that now while the going is still good.

From the importance of your website to making sure customers know how important they are when they deal with you in-person, make sure you drive off with excellent customer service.

Kevin Kholi

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