Are You On The Same Page As Your Customers?

Making sure customer service always remains a top priority with your business is something one can never take for granted & building trust with your customers is important as well.

For example, more and more customers are on-the-go than ever before. As a result, it is imperative that your business is along for the ride.


While there are myriad of ways to do this, technology is one of the clear-cut tools that need to be in your arsenal.

With technology on your side, you can not only provide customers with the latest product and service offerings via both the Internet and their mobile devices, but you can also promote such items on multiple fronts, including social media.

That being the case, are you on the same page as your customers?

Embrace Technology in Courting Customers

So that your brand does not miss out on all the opportunities it has to be in sync with customers, remember these tips:

  • Know your customers – First and foremost, how well do you truly understand and know your customers? By spending the time and effort to get to know them, you make it easier as a business owner to not only do business with them, but also those consumers you hope to turn into long-term customers too. For starters, knowing the demographics you serve is an important starting point. Having as much data as possible on consumers gives you a leg-up on the competition, along with better assisting you to go where your customers are;
  • Technology continues emerging – Where many of your customers are these days is utilizing as much technology as possible to make their shopping and ultimately buying experiences more profitable. For example, do your customers want you to accept mobile payments? Do they want you to offer rewards programs? In turn, you need to be sure that technology through means such as mobile marketing is not an afterthought with your business. With a mobile marketing approach to selling your brand, you give consumers the ability to buy goods and services from you on-the-spot, this after you give them a little nudge with a text message. You can even make it so you alert consumers about deals and specials you are offering as they are near or even in your physical store or stores. Speaking of when they are in your physical location, do you make it easy for them to make a purchase at that point? If you have the right merchant services account in place, you allow them to pay for their purchases with a credit card, something that saves both time and frustration for millions of shoppers and business owners for that matter. Finally, be sure to of course leave the cash option available to those who still want to pay the old-fashioned way. One thing that will frustrate some customers is if they are always being asked to put purchases on credit and/or debit cards. For some of these individuals, they have run-up sizable charge tabs over the years, leaving them with limited or in some cases no purchasing ability left on their cards;
  • Promoting what your customers want – It is also important that you keep customers (current and those you are looking to gain) in the loop when it comes to how your brand is deploying technology for their benefit. As an example, turn to social networking sites to demonstrate to consumers all the great things you are doing to make their lives better. If you accept credit cards and/or are active with mobile marketing, you can not only use blog posts (which are then shared on your social sites such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc.), but also podcasts, videos and other means to demonstrate such offerings. Video promotions are a great means whereby you can tell a story through imagery. Consumers learn more about your products and services; meantime, you get to spread your brand’s appeal all around the worldwide web and social networking.

Knowing your customers, along with what their wants and needs are, allows you to better position yourself to grow your business. In growing that business, not only does your public image increase, but so too should your revenue stream. Some companies know their customers like the back sides of their hand, while others just look at them as a number. You’re always best-served when your brand does the former.

Kevin Kholi

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