Building Your Data Center For Now And The Future

No matter what line of business you are in these days, there is a pretty good chance that data plays a major role in effectively running your company.

Data Center

With that being the case, how much of an emphasis does your company place on important factors such as where and how your data is stored, who has access to the data, and what levels of security are in place to protect such data?

While they are rather simple questions to answer, not knowing the answers to these and other pertinent data questions could leave your business with some major issues to deal with.

So, are you covering all your data needs in order to remain a successful business now and down the road?

Center Your Focus on Data

So that your company can continue to keep churning on all cylinders, your data and how you use and protect it are vital.

Remember, there is literally an army of data thieves out there in the cyber-world, thieves that are looking for just the right opportunity to strike.

If they hit your business, you could find both you and your customers scratching your heads in disbelief. In doing so, your business could see a decrease in business orders, a decrease that ultimately impacts your revenue stream.

In building a data center that you can feel pretty comfortable about, you need several key pieces to the puzzle in place.

For starters, deciding on which vendor to supply your data center needs is first and foremost.

In looking at various vendors, see which of them can best provide the following:

  • Security – First and foremost, having a secure data center is as important as anything in the equation. Your data center must be secure 24/7/365. If it is not, you run the risk of having a one or even multiple data thefts occurring. When incidents like that take place, your customers begin to wonder if they should take their data and their business for that matter elsewhere. In winding your way through the selection process, get a good read from each vendor on how much emphasis they place on data center security. If they appear to make it a priority, move along until you find someone that understands the seriousness of security;
  • Environment – Given where the data emanates from is essentially your company’s nerve center, it is critical that the environment is both secure and calm. With security mentioned a moment ago, your other important focus should be the center itself and the workers having access to it. Many data centers can be both warm and overly noisy. As a result, many employees all but dread having to deal with data issues inside the center. Find a data center vendor who can remove not only the issue of the heat, but also the overall uncomfortable feeling of being in such a noisy environment;
  • Assistance – In a perfect world, there would be not data shortages and/or outages occurring. As everyone knows, however, this is far from a perfect world. As a result, data outages and other related problems are going to crop up on occasion, problems that you certainly don’t want having a prolonged negative impact on your business operations. Finding and working with a data center provider who has assistance on call whenever you need it doesn’t have to seem a luxury. As it turns out, it is both a necessity and something any true data center provider will find to be the norm. Lastly, you can get an initial feel for what your customer service dealings with any provider might be like when testing out different vendors. Those who truly want your business will go out of their way to show you just that.

As data and technology continue to evolve now and in the years and decades to come, your business can never take such importance for granted.

Building a data center that will serve you many years down the road should be one of your greatest areas of focus.

Remember, data is what keeps your business ticking, so never put it on the back seat in terms of importance.

From customer data to your own company data, data will always be the center of your operation.

Kevin Kholi

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