Countless Benefits Of Cost Effective Disposable Products

The paper cup factory is existing from long time ago. It has earned tremendous experiences in their full-fledged works. They paper cups are highly demanded on different functions, parties and occasions, in offices, airlines, clubs, railways, charities or coffee shops etc. They used to supply their products to large businesses, corporations or private individuals.They is e-commerce business appreciated by the customers a lot.  These products are also easily available online at the discounted prices. According to the need and requirements of customers the cups are designed like for the offices, the branded cups are used and each of the designs is based on digital mock up. These products are disposable, biodegradable, insulated and ripple free.

Papercup Factory

There are different types of products categories in the paper cup factory, which are as follows:

Different Types of Products

  • Single Wall Cups

These cups are white in color and have a single wall thus its name appears as single wall cups. They are best suited for hot and cold drinks.Its manufacturing process involves use boards made from forests and are of very high quality. They are packed in the boxes of 1000. They are available in different sizes and its rates vary according to the size. The different sizes are as follows:

*100 ml Paper Cup

* 192 ml Paper Cup

* 210 ml Paper Cup

* 225 ml Paper Cup

* 340 ml Paper Cup used for Cold Drinks

* 455 ml Paper Cup used for Cold Drinks

* 455 ml Paper Cup used for Hot Drinks

*520 ml Paper Cup for Cold Drinks

  • Double Wall Cups

These cups have two layers inner and outer wall. The benefit of double layer is that it prevents or reduces the heat transfer from the contents of cup to the hand carrying the cup. They are packed in the boxes of 500 and are available in 3 sizes as follows:

# 225 ml Double Wall Paper Cup

# 340 ml Double Wall Paper Cup

# 455 ml Double Wall Paper Cup

  •        Vending Cups
  •        Lids for Paper Cups
  •        Ripple Paper Cups
  •        Compostable Water Cooler Paper Cones
  •        Soup Cereal and Pasta Pots
  •        Sleeves and Trays
  •        Disposable Wooden Cutlery
  •        Water Cooler Glasses

So, these are the different products of the paper cup factory available in different sizes or varieties and for all purposes or all types of occasions according to the need and demand of customers. They are of high quality materials and are available in affordable prices. These products are according to the need of fast and modern times. The best part of these products is that they are advantageous in various aspects as follows:

Advantages of Products of the Paper Cup Factory

  •        High Quality materials are used.
  •        Cost- effective.
  •        Good for Quick and Easy Service.
  •        Biodegradable.
  •        Recyclable.
  •        Disposable & no need of washing.
  •        Keeps the place clean and tidy.

These factories by their excellent services have created a vast extensive client base ranging in different eras according to the need and demand of customers. They were the first and foremost in the selling of products online and gained a lot of experiences and also delighted the customers by their services.

Kevin Kholi

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