How A Custom Tote Bag Can Boost Your Marketing Campaign

Bespoke printed tote bags can revolutionise your marketing campaign as the unique promotional items are both functional and interesting to look at. 

Custom tote bags will make your brand stand out from the crowd and clients are sure to be impressed by the thoughtful attention to detail of your branded products. Here’s why custom tote bags are the secret weapon for success in your marketing campaign:

Long-term advertising

How many promotional pens and keyrings have you received, only to throw them away the very next day? Even if clients and customers keep these smaller items, the products can’t effectively advertise your brand from the bottom of a briefcase. 

This is why custom tote bags are such an effective promotional product as people will happily carry them around, acting as a source of travelling advertisement. Studies show that bags generate more impressions than any other promotional item and they are easier to notice than a Twitter advertisement or mouse mat. Unlike many other promotional products, tote bags can be worn for months – if not years – and may even become a staple accessory for people to wear when they leave the house.

Eco-conscious brand

Since the 5p bag charge was introduced in the UK, consumers are looking for more eco-friendly ways to carry their shopping. Surveys suggest that 90% of English shoppershave ditched the plastic bags in favour of a reusable bag, such as a tote. Incorporating a tote bag into your selection of promotional products highlights you as an eco-conscious brand willing to contribute to the anti-plastic cause. This marketing decision is not only beneficial for the environment but it’s also a smart business move. Surveys show that consumers are much more ethically conscious and 27% of consumers have boycotted a company if they had poor environmental practices; this is a statistic that has increased by 65% in three years and is only expected to climb higher. Tote bags from The Printed Bag Shop are 100% cotton and ethically sourced, which will leave a lasting impression on ethical consumers only looking to use the services of eco-conscious brands.

Custom design

With so much surface area to work with, the design options for a tote bag are endless. There is ample space for company contact details and a logo, both of which can be as bold as you desire. Tote bags give you creative freedom and you can opt for a design that reflects your brand while also being aesthetically pleasing. A unique design with a catchy slogan or eye-catching image will stand out to potential consumers who will feel proud to wear your promotional product. Even if the client doesn’t want to keep the bag for themselves, they might be reluctant to throw away such a valuable, beautiful and thoughtful bag, choosing to give it to friends and family instead of sending it to landfill.


Kevin Kholi

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