How Answering Your Client Phone Calls Ruins Your Productivity

Answering phone calls made to your business seems like a requirement if you want to keep clients happy. However, sometimes, especially for businesses with employees doubling as project workers and customer service representatives, constantly being on the phone significantly reduces both your productivity and that of the rest of your office. Being that it’s never ideal to tell clients not to call during specific hours throughout each day, having a professional answering service on your side can give your team relief from incoming calls throughout the day.

Phone Call

Impossible to Focus on Projects

Whether you work from home or from a company office, answering the phone can take away time that you could have spent working on a project. This is often a common issue for freelancers and small business owners who may not have staffing support to allow themselves the opportunity to work without interruption from clients. Not being able to disconnect from the outside world will lead to wasted hours and deadlines steadily becoming tighter. Not to mention, for most small businesses, every minute is time that you cannot get back in your effort to pay bills or simply generate revenue. One single phone call, no matter how short, can set you back a significant amount of time by not allowing you to stay focused on your work.

Netcall Solutions can help with this issue by giving you a 24/7 answering service for your clients to call. This gives you more time to focus on the project itself, rather than communicating with clients about what needs to be done or about ideas for the future.

Interrupts Creativity & Brainstorming

If you’re in a creative space, a phone call, email, or really even the slightest outside distraction can disrupt brainstorming sessions. Creative people need this time to themselves to come up with innovative ideas and not having this can significantly affect their performance. An unhappy creative person will lead to a slew of unhappy clients, which will ultimately result in the loss of revenue.

The same can be said for the time that is allocated to brainstorming either amongst colleagues or clients themselves. If you constantly have to step away to answer the phone, you’re likely to interrupt not only your brainstorming but also that of your team or clients. This is particularly true if you are a small group where each person plays a specific role in each project.

Mundane Tasks Take Twice as Long

Have you ever had to reply to emails, send invoices, or glance over the status of your company’s projects, and when you look up, you’ve realised that it’s taken you an obscene amount of time to complete these tasks? This issue consistently plagues business owners who multitask by answering phone calls as they attempt to complete mundane tasks around the office. This can be extremely frustrating if you have a lot of items on your to-do list each day, as you’re spending time on tasks that should be completed fairly quickly.

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