How Can You Control Legionella Spread?

Legionella is a water-borne bacteria that leads to legionnaires disease, which is a serious lung infection. People get this disease if they accidentally gulp even a few drops of this water or inhale a few droplets. Apart from the Pneumonia infection, it can also cause Pontiac fever, similar to mild flu with the worst complications.

These bacteria can build up in the sink faucets, hot tubs, showerheads and other water sources in your home. If you do not take the necessary steps for Legionella control, it can spread and cause illness to you and your loved ones. Initial symptoms include headache, muscle pain, fever and flu-like symptoms. Let us dive deeper and find out more about the bacteria spread and control.

Who Are At Risk?

The bacterial infection does not affect every person who comes in contact with it. People who are more prone to getting legionnaires diseases are:-

  • People who already have lung infections or chronic lung diseases.
  • Smokers
  • People with other health issues like diabetes, liver or kidney failure.
  • People with the weaker immune system
  • Elderly over 50 years of age.

Everyone falling in this category is more likely to get the legionella infection. So, when you see the signs hinting towards this bacterial illness, get in touch with the health department as soon as possible.

Control Over Legionella

There are certain things that you can do to keep legionella under control and not let it spread. The health department has issued a code of practice, L8 for legionella, which every building should comply with. It is advisable to check if the building is L8 compliant, and if not, you can take help from the experts. There are companies with trained professionals, which help in Legionella control. They provide specific water management and cleaning services that stop bacterial spread. These services include:

  • Water tank and other water body cleaning
  • They do a legionella risk assessment test to thoroughly check and ensure that the building follows the new code of practice. In this process, the experts flush out the less frequently used water pipes stopping bacterial build-up.
  • They do regular water system monitoring and do temperature control every month.

Apart from these practices, these companies also conduct seminars and training to educate people about controlling the bacterial spread. If you also want to save your home from this water-born infection, get in touch with an expert water monitoring service now.

Kevin Kholi

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