How Digital Printing Works And What Are Its Benefits?

There’s no doubt that like many other things, printing technology has also gone advanced & digital. Gone are those days when printing was done traditionally through letterpress, flexography, lithography, and many other methods. Digital printing has revolutionised the face of printing completely. Right from shorter print runs to quick processing, there’s a long list of benefits that are offered by the digital method of printing. Jennings Print and many other reliable companies are there who offer better services for digital printing.

Let’s have a close look on what is digital printing and how it works:

Digital printing is all about making prints with the utilisation of electronic files. In this printing, the image is mainly created on a computer and then it is printed directly on the material surface. Here are a few steps that take places in digital printing method:

  • Firstly, using the digital files, the image is sent directly to the printer.
  • The digital files are prepared with a sharp image in high resolution as per printing requirements.
  • This method of printing uses a different approach for assembling the images ready for printing.
  • The images are captured from pixels. After this, the digitized image is used for replicating the image that needs to be printed and controlling the deposition of ink & toner.

Digital printing is the modern method of getting sharp prints and it offers multiple benefits such as:

Highly affordable

When it comes to cost-effectiveness, the best option is digital printing. In the entire set up, there’s no need for printing plates. Thus, your investment will also be less.

Short print runs

One of the best benefits of using digital printing is that it is deal for getting short to medium print runs. Earlier, getting short print runs was an expensive affair. For any printing job in analog printing, tons of set up was needed.  Thus, digital printing is highly preferable in terms of short print runs.

Customisation option

In digital printing, customisation of each graphic or text can be done easily. Whether it is a business card or brochure, variable printing is available for all kinds of printing.

In terms of speed

Digital printing is the ideal option if you want to text or image to be printed very fast. It requires the least time to set up in digital printing. Unlink traditional printing techniques, there’s no need to assemble the plates so only minimal set-up time is required.

Printing quality

When it comes to the quality of the print then no other methods can beat digital printing. Impressive quality and sharp images are the best part of using digital printing. Along with this, you won’t face any issue of a harsh line in printing.

Digital printing, as the name implies, is an advanced method that has removed all the mechanical steps of printing like colour proofing, making films etc. From easy set-up to high-speed processing, there’s a long list of benefits that make people choose a digital method for printing sharp images.  

Kevin Kholi

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