How To Install A Cycle Stand

Cycle stands are an important accessory. It helps your bike to stand and rest when not in use. Installing a cycle stand is a quite simple process, but often people get it wrong. This is because they do not have the right information or guidance to do so. In this article, we will give some effective tips on how you can install a cycle stand perfectly.

Sheffield And Heart-Shaped Cycle Stands

The Sheffield Cycle Stands are perfect to be installed on all types of hard surfaces, like block paving, slabs, etc. The same goes for the heart-shaped stands. They should not be installed in soft spaces like lawns.

For installing the Sheffield Cycle Stands, you would first need to dig two holes and place the legs of the stand there- to a depth of 300mm. It should then be sealed properly. For the heart-shaped ones, you can dig one hole, sink it to a depth of 300mm and seal them properly.

Spacing The Stands

It is very important that the stands should be installed at least a meter apart. Putting them too close would make it very difficult to use them. Also, there is a chance that the handlebar and the cable would get tangled. If you are thinking about installing the stands in front of a wall, leave a space of at least 600mm. This would ensure that the middle of the bike’s frame gets full support. If the wall and the stand are too closeby, there is a high chance that your parked bike would incur huge damages due to the ongoing traffic.

Wall-Mounted Parking Rails

If you want to park your bike in small spaces that do not have enough area for a stand, go for the wall-mounted parking rails. They work as a good alternative and can perfectly accommodate one bike. The rails are basically bolted to the wall. Ensure that they are placed at least 600mm above the ground. Maintaining this is important as it is a good enough height for threading your bike through its wheels or frame. You would need at least 4 bolts/rail.

Toast-Rack Parking

These are basically free-standing ones wherein the bike leans on either side of their hoops. They are secured to it with a cable lock. You can also bolt them for added security.

Plant Locks

These are two free-standing units in which the cyclists lean on either side and then it can be secured using a cable lock. They can also be bolted for additional security.

These are some of the most-used cycle stands and the right ways to install them. You can choose anyone who is suitable for your space and needs. Ensure to maintain proper spacing as it would help you to park your bike properly.

Kevin Kholi

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