Make Your Salon Career More Lucrative

When you’re in the business of running a salon, there is much to make for a busy work life.

Salon owners will likely agree that being in charge of such a business can mean long days, dealing with a variety of customer personalities, and sometimes scrambling to make ends meet.

Make Your Salon Career More Lucrative

That said there are options out there to make the life of a salon owner easier and ultimately more productive.

So, are you ready to see how you can make your salon career more lucrative?

Deploy Technology to Improve Results

In order for your salon to go from an average salon to a stellar one, it no doubt takes as much time and effort as you can offer.

That said technology can be one of the best tools at your disposal, so don’t turn your back on it.

Among the ways technology can best work for your brand:

  • Expediency – When you have better technology at your disposal, you decrease the odds of making errors and increase the odds of being more expedient. For example, what if you had a software program that could speed up how you move clients in and out of a day’s work? With many customers having busy schedules themselves, it is important to avoid any bumps in the road whenever possible. In using a Salon appointment book software program or the like, you are improving your business life in myriad of ways. Most noticeably, the expediency in which you can get things done can improve rapidly. As an example, instead of having to pick up the phone manually and remind dozens of customers of their schedule appointments, technology can do that for you. A simple text or email alert gives the client a reminder of their pending appointment, allowing you to tend to other important tasks on your agenda;
  • Professionalism – Remember back in the day when you likely wrote down on a piece of paper the next appointment reminder for your clients? Okay, there are those businesses out there (many medical offices for example) who still do some things the old-fashioned way, though many of them are combining old and new. While they may still jot down on a business card a reminder of one’s next appointment, they will also follow that up with a text alert, giving the individual a pair of reminders of their next visit. Not only does this save both the business owner and the customer time, but it makes the former look more professional, having gravitated (sometimes begrudgingly) to letting technology assist them. Whether you are starting your first business or have a been an owner for years, looking professional to your customers is always a top priority;
  • Mistakes – One of the worst things a business owner fears (and deals with) is mistakes. While some gaffes can be easily covered for and/or forgiven, others create problems. As an example, more than one client forgets that they had a hair or nail appointment with you today. As a result, they do not show up. Not only does that create problems with your daily scheduling, but it is money that is essentially going out the door (or at least in these cases never came through the door). When you put technology to use as part of your scheduling needs, you greatly reduce the odds of the client forgetting they were scheduled to see you today. Mistakes are going to happen for business owners on a number of occasions, some of which can’t be helped no matter how many steps you take to avoid them. That said better preparing yourself to avoid them is something you certainly should want to make a priority.

In running your own salon or countless other businesses for that matter, the sky is the limit oftentimes as to how lucrative the results can be.

If you have been a little hesitant to cozy up to technology to this point, change that mindset moving forward.

When you deploy technology in running your business, you will likely see better results, improved relations with customers, and a sense of accomplishment.

Technology is not going anywhere for the foreseeable future, so embrace it in running your business.

Kevin Kholi

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