Measures To Take For Labor Surplus

This can occur in any organization and the way to find out if you have a labor surplus is to have your human resource manager forecast and correctly plan for short term, medium term and long term in the organization. This is exactly what the removing reviews from Google human resource manager does to be sure that they always have enough workers in order to be able give customer value to their clients. Surplus is when there is internal supply of employees and it exceeds the organization’s demand for employees. This can be for nonprofit and profit organizations.

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There are several methods you can use when it comes to labor surplus and these include first, having a hiring freeze which is to not hire employees externally and maybe think about transferring employees on the inside only. The second process that could be taken is the attrition, which is the number of employees who leave due to reasons such as turnover, death or retirement. There is a way to accelerate attrition, which involves early retirement and buyouts. This is used to accelerate attrition since you basically give employees a package to make them quit. Job sharing is another way to deal with labor surplus since this allows you to split the duties between 2 people or more. Work sharing is a layoff avoidance strategy and employees get to simply work 3 to 4 day weeks instead of 5-day weeks and receive EI on days off. A reduced workweek is another method that can be used since it allows the employee to work fewer hours and receive less pay. Layoff is something used as well but this is a temporary withdrawal of employment to works for economic or business reasons. Termination is a permanent separation from the organization. A leave of absence is the last measure that can be used since this allows the employee to take time off without pay but their job is guaranteed when they return to the workplace. If organizations take all of these measures for labor surplus, their turnover rate would be smaller and it would allow the company to have valuable employees.

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