My Review On Better Business Lodging


First I must vent. I signed on with this company  almost 8 months ago. I paid them a hefty upfront fee to help me rent and sell  my timeshare in Las Vegas. After another developer bought them out we stopped liking to go there. According to my rep – the process normally takes a few cycles to work. Being a not-so patient person I started getting a little nervous after the first cycle without hearing a peep from them. By the end of my second cycle I was still waiting. Finally, I decided to pay them a visit when I was in Orlando to see what was going on. Much to my surprise, the staff was very friendly. When they pulled up my file it was discovered that I never did update my contact info after moving. They showed me that I had actually gotten a few offers and gave me dates and times that hey tried reaching me by phone and email. The best part of this visit was that while I was there, someone walked in for a presentation and offered me $900 for my studio. I know I could have negotiated but I just wanted to cover my maintenance fee so I accepted and we reserved the dates for the gentleman’s stay.  Now that I have updated my info with Better Business Lodging and I was able to recoup most of the money I put out to sign up I can say that I am very pleased. I decided to write this in case in helps other people who might be thinking of going with them.  When I signed up I wasn’t able to find much about them so maybe this helps. Good Luck! – Edward

Kevin Kholi

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