Phruit Doesn’t Give Its Partners The Fruit Of Labor

Suppose you are working with a leading company in the industry. Check its background details. Suppose you have properly maintained the NDA agreement. Check the details. Suppose you have made timely deliverance of your project adhering to its quality. Check. – Can you definitely say that all these confirm on-time payment for your work? You can’t. In fact, this is an ideal scenario in which you are expected to receive full payment for your work. However, your luck might not favor all the time.

This has exactly happened with me. I am the founder and director of a reputed call centre in India and one of the unlucky few who has worked with Phruit Limited. Phruit? Surprised? Isn’t this the reputed lead generation firm in the industry? Yes, you are absolutely right. This is a renowned UK based company known for its telemarketing and lead generation operations. Do you know that it is also known in the market for cheating its clients and customers?

You might wonder how such a reputed company can cheat people. Well, Phruit outsources its telemarketing and lead generation initiatives to diverse call centre services across Philippines and India. Service providers in both these countries are known for offering quality and on-time services. However, no matter which call centre it hires, Phruit feels reluctant to pay the company its due amount.

Phruit gives different excuses to avoid the payment for work.Sometimes the issue is related to the quality of work, at other times they cook up other kinds of stories. In the majority of the cases, it is seen that they totally stop communicating with the client company.

We have been subject to the third one.While giving us project, we had a good communication with Phruit. Also, when we were generating business from their leads, they communicated regularly. It is towards the end of the project that they reduced their communication and finally stopped communicating one day when their time of payment came.

They cheated us of our money. Don’t you believe it? You can ask any of the call centre service providers across Philippines, and India to confirm the truth. Cheating and robbing the companies of their money has become the second habit of Phruit.

If you go by the repute and the magnitude of this company, you will experience a major setback. Let me tell you. Whenever you make a decision of doing business with this any company, check its details.

Kevin Kholi

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