Protect Your Printed Menu

If you are a restaurant owner, it is always a smart idea to pay attention to the details to make sure that every aspect of your business has a professional look and feel to it. Besides the interior and exterior of your establishment, one of the first things that your patrons are going to notice is your menu. It is always a best practice to only hand out menus to guests that are clean and free of stains and debris that make them look dirty, used and dull. When your hostess hands dirty menus to guests, you are leaving a lasting first impression that probably is not good.

Protect Your Printed Menu

Enforce a Positive Image

Outside of highly skilled server staff members, your menu is one of your strongest selling tools. Offering your guests a clean menu shows that you are detail oriented and take care and pride in your business image. If you go one step further by using menu covers, you are showing your customers that you have invested in their experience by offering them a menu that stands out. It does not matter if you have a short and relatively simple menu, or a more lengthy and diverse line-up of offerings. A clean, professional menu always leaves a lasting good impression on visitors. If you own a casual restaurant or feature a relatively short and simple menu, you can protect the investment of your printing services using a framed plastic menu holder. This type of cover is see through, so all you need to do is slide your menu in and secure it. In the event that it gets soiled, it can be quickly wiped down so it looks just like new! This type of cover is relatively inexpensive to deploy and can be made to accommodate multi-page menus, as well. In many cases, these can be ordered and delivered to you within just a few days after ordering them.

Customise Your Covers

If you prefer a cover for your menus that are a bit fancier than just a plastic cover, there are plenty of other styles that you can choose from to achieve the image that you want to present. A cover made for your menus using leather, cork or real wood are durable and look fabulous when they are presented to your customers. They can be custom printed with the name of your establishment and your logo if desired. This type of customization and attention to details show your customers that you are serious about doing business with them and that you care about your image. This assures them that the dishes they order will be delicious and satisfying. Whenever you can build trust and goodwill with your clients using something as basic as a menu, you are doing the right thing. When you offset the money you will spend on covers versus the amount of money you stand to make from a great looking menu, you would be foolish to not order sturdy, durable covers for your menus. The cost will be paid back over the lifetime of their use.

Kevin Kholi

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