Search Engine Reputation Management And Employee Happiness

In the past decade, search engine reputation management has becoming a booming business.


Reputation are no longer verbal. With the evolution of the Internet and in the era of screens at our fingertips, reputation are virtual. What does this mean? This means that the Internet holds archives of everything that is posted and it is rare the it can be taken done. The Internet is searched through by search engines that crawl and understand patterns in what it being researched on the Internet. The complicated algorithm has been developed over 20 years just as the Internet was even an idea.

Search Engine Reputation Management And Employee Happiness

What does this mean for you or your business?

This means that you want your online reputation to be spotless because it is not longer verbal yet you still have to make a good first impression. Due to the fact that first impressions are virtual, what ever comes up as results on the first page of those search engines needs to be positive, relevant, and healthy.

What happens if it is not?

If the information and content that appears about you is not healthy and positive, it may result in loss of opportunities, sales, jobs, and other things that can help you personally expand or help your business expand. The solution to this is search engine reputation management. Search Engine Reputation Management is a company that specializes in online reputation management. To elaborate, their co-founder is a 20 year web search veteran. Previous to the company, he spent his time consulting individuals and businesses that were doomed by their online reputation… until they met him!

Search Engine Reputation Management has since captured the majority of their market share and is dedicated to protecting your online reputation.

Kevin Kholi

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