Send Your Business Parcel To Portugal

Most of the mails that we encounter at Courier Point are associated with the existing custom laws when sending their business parcel to Portugal.  A lot of us are highly aware about the challenges that we encounter when sending packages to Portugal.  In fact, other online stores will not ship their items to that location to avoid the excessive cost and other issues.  We also heard numerous horror stories that other people experienced.  Most of them will blame the customs for the delay, problem, and failure in delivery but most of the time it is associated with different issue.  Let us go to these problems and details and how we can avoid that.

Send Your Business Parcel To Portugal

Issues in Your Business Package Delivery

For commercial enterprises who choose the local postage as their solution, it is normal for them to encounter thieves that are working at the postal service.  There are customers who allegedly found their package opened, and partial content of the box have been removed.  There are also instances that the whole packages are lost, and the cartons with the wrapper are the only items that have been delivered.  This can happen when you send parcel to Portugal with no tracking numbers.  In the event that you decide to ship it on your own, make sure to acquire a tracking option.

You need to be aware that the major role of the Customs in Portugal is to prevent the illegal items, explosive, weapons and illegal drug in entering the country.  The items that are prohibited to enter Portugal are subject to change.  You may, however, expedite the process by having the documents completed.  Ensure that the paperwork will be filled up during the time of shipping.  The Customs has all the rights to open your package and inspect even the tiniest details of your commercial package in case there are no proper documents.  As a result, this may compromise or damage your packages.  When sending your commercial parcel to Portugal, your items will also be restricted in case it is perishable.

For those of you who have experienced the horror of sending parcel to Portugal, you might be thinking if there are better alternatives.  Courier Point will provide you with the best option when sending your business package to Portugal.  We have an International Courier Comparison tool that will let you find the most affordable and competitive price in the market.  In addition, with our long years of experience in the market, we can guarantee you that your commercial package will arrive at your preferred destination at the time stated on the agreement.  

We will also provide you with a tracking number that will minimise the possibility of getting your parcels lost.  We can assure all our customers that we will be handling your delicate stuff with care and will reach their destination at an optimal condition.

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