Should You Invest In Standing Desks?

It seems counterintuitive, but standing at a desk is sometimes more comfortable than sitting in a comfortable chair. That’s because anything can become painful if you do it for too long. For example, if you are sitting for hours, you will eventually start to get aches and pains. This is true even if the chair you’re sitting in is very comfortable. Furthermore, research has found that sitting for hours can actually create several different health problems. Some researchers have even gone as far as saying that sitting for hours uninterrupted has nearly as many negative effects as smoking. That’s why many smartphone apps and other gadgets are equipped with alerts that tell people to stand up if they’ve been sitting for too long. But how do you stand at work?

Height-Adjustable Desks

There are two kinds of standing desks. There are fixed desks and height-adjustable desks. If you want to be able to stand while you’re at your desk, you likely need a height-adjustable desk. You probably don’t want to stand for the entire workday, you simply want the opportunity to stand from time to time. Standing up is effective for many people because it allows them to increase their blood flow and their heart rate slightly. You can find some great height-adjustable desks at

These height-adjustable desks offer you the ability to stand up and raise your desk up with you. You can then lower the desk back down when you’re ready to sit again. The same researchers who discovered the negative effects of sitting too long say that you can mitigate or even eliminate those negative effects simply by taking breaks to stand up. These breaks can be as short as a minute or two every hour or so. It’s simply important to break up any long periods of sitting.

Standing Desks

There are also fixed standing desks that do not lower. These are useful in common areas where people might not spend their whole day. For example, if you have a standing desk near the copier, you can encourage your employees to stand while they are waiting for their copies. That will help them break up their long periods of sitting. It also has been proven to make employees more productive.

That’s why many companies are beginning to conduct meetings while standing. When standing, employees are more responsive and more attentive. That’s likely because standing encourages people to engage more. Meetings that are conducted while standing also tend to yield results that are considered more effective, and on top of that, standing meetings tend to be shorter. This is likely because people get tired of standing. Whatever the case may be, standing up for meetings is a very effective way to conduct a quick meeting with big results.

If you are looking for new desks for yourself or for your entire office, you should consider purchasing height-adjustable desks for individuals at their desks. In addition, consider buying fixed standing desks for common areas. A fixed standing desk also makes it easier to conduct meetings that involve multimedia or computer work.

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