Should Your Business Send Holiday E Cards?

It is very easy to assume that electronic holiday cards are only for those who cannot be bothered to take the time to write and send a proper greetings card. However, this is not the case at all, and not only will the former be far cheaper and better for the environment, but when sent in the right way they can also be far more personal too.

But are they right for businesses, or are they really only the kind of thing that should be sent from one friend to another?

In many ways, they are actually even more suitable for businesses, especially since many companies may want to send huge numbers of greetings cards over periods such as Christmas. Not only can this in turn cost a huge amount of money and take businesses a good deal of time to source, write and send such cards, but the effect on the environment can be quite significant, not only draining valuable resources, but also causing more pollution through delivery.

In turn, not only can such e cards be more personal and represent a company far more effectively, but they are also likely to show a company in a positive light environmentally speaking too.

There are many other benefits of sending cards digitally, from the fact that you can be sure that cards will not get lost en route, to the fact that you can simply ensure that they are delivered at a very specific time, something that can be even more important over the busy Christmas period. As such, any investment you do make into greetings cards will be far safer if you choose to send electronic business holiday cards.

However, just because e cards make financial and logistical sense, it doesn’t mean that you should just rush in and choose any old corporate e cards. Instead, not only should you take the time to personalise your cards so that they present your company in the most complimentary light, but you will also need to make sure that you choose a reputable company to send your cards for you, ensuring they have a no-spam policy in place to save both you and the recipients any bother.

Furthermore, whilst there are sites that offer such cards for free, most of these will offer very limited designs and may also be far more hassle to use. Instead, using a company that charges may be better all round, allowing you to send cards easily for different occasions all year round, to save your contacts for future campaigns and offering you far more flexibility and a great air of professionalism in terms of the cards you actually send.

Ultimately, almost any business will benefit from sending e cards to their customer base. Such cards are a very cost-effective marketing tool and one that will not only remind your customer base that you exist, but one that will also allow them to see your business in a very positive light and feel valued at the very same time in the process.

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