Some Important Facts About Child Custody And Divorce Law

Child custody is an important factor in the ending of a relationship or marriage. When the breakdown of marriage happens it involves trauma, stress and negative situations around you. Each country has various laws, we are focusing on Australia.

Divorce and parenting arrangements in Australia are discussed below:

Since amendment in 2006, the word child custody is omitted and the words ”lives with” and “spends time with” is used. Custody is often coined as a word which is not acceptable to others and the amendment took place in 2006.

In each country, the mother is shown as the nurture and it is not the case. It shows the attitude of biases and prejudices towards the male fraternity. So, the equal rights are given to both the parents. If a father can be a better parent then the child will be permitted to stay with his father. But it is not an easy battle of the child custody and it also involves the trained and professional team of lawyers.

There are few key points in the custody battle, if the parents are not legally married then the mother is the sole heir to the child custody. But the intervention of Court and the decision by Court can take it otherwise and the paternity can be given to the father of the child also.

For all the Family Law cases, one should always refer to the professional and dedicated team of lawyers like New Way Lawyers. With separation, there are many concern areas like monetary, custody and many other. New Way Lawyers are conscious of the strain of the expenses which are associated with the court matters. It also proffers minimal fees structure as it is non-profit law firms dedicated to the upliftment of the people. It gives spousal support and ensures best areas of outcome which protects your interests and your rights. If you live in Australia, then consult Family Law Firms in Brisbane.

One more point of contention is the residency of the parents; if the parents are in different countries then the parenting can be the precarious situation. If a parent is authorised to live with a child in the foreign country then he or she might deny access to the Australian parent.

There are some departments in Australia that provides assistance in such situations.

In Australia, the child custody can be hard if your legal consultant or firm are not well informed about the laws. If you share a joint custody, then maybe your ex may be interested. So, if you expect custody of your child then consult an expert team of lawyers like New Way Lawyers. They are non-profit law organisation which is dedicated towards people. This is a first non-profit law firm in Australia and they provide affordable services to its clients.

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