Storage Areas Must Have Plenty Of Space For Forklifts

How bosses plan their storage areas can have a big impact on the success of their companies. Commercial and industrial space comes at a premium and so it is vital that organisations make the most of the square footage available to them. With some savvy organisation, managers can help to ensure that storage zones fulfil their purpose and boost the efficiency of firms’ operating systems.

On the flipside, if these areas are poorly planned, a whole series of complications can arise. Stock may get damaged or go missing and workers may struggle to access the items they need, causing delays. Ultimately, this is bad news for businesses’ bottom lines. Particularly now when trading conditions remain strained, issues like this can prove disastrous for enterprises.

One thing that bosses need to consider when they are designing their warehouses is forklifts. Regardless of whether companies rely on electric forklifts or any other form of forklift, it is crucial that there is enough room for them to manoeuvre safely and efficiently.

Offering advice to managers planning storage areas, Gavin Clark, commercial director for Snapfulfil, recently suggested that the area around the loading or docking bay of warehouses should be unobstructed and free of racking and shelving.

Making his comments in Materials Handling World Magazine, he stated: “It’s important that there is plenty of space around the loading bay/ dock for forklift trucks and warehouse staff to operate unimpeded.”

To make their lives easier, managers with limited space to play with may benefit from selecting gas, diesel or electric forklift trucks that have a compact design and that are easy to manoeuvre.

Highlighting the importance of warehouse design more specifically, the expert said: “Moving to a new premises is a wonderful opportunity to improve the efficiency of your warehouse operation. Obviously if the warehouse is a new, purpose built one, then you can design it to your exact specifications. However even if this is not the case and you inherit an existing warehouse, there are still key things you can implement to achieve the most effective and efficient distribution centre possible.”

He went on to state: “Well executed storage, receiving and shipping improves efficiency and by doing so makes the company more profitable. At the same time warehouse staff, who are your most important asset, will be more highly motivated if they can locate products/ stock easily, are working in a safe environment and generally feel that their welfare is valued and recognised.”

Bosses who are on the lookout for new trucks to operate in their warehouses can take a look online. There are a host of electric forklifts for sale over the web and as long as people make sure they choose a trusted provider, they can rest assured they will benefit from both superb quality vehicles and impressive value for money.

There is also plenty of advice on offer for managers to help ensure they are able to make the best possible use of the commercial and industrial space they have access to.

Kevin Kholi

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