The Best Way To Pink Diamonds

Many people consider having precious stones as part of their jewelry. They can have them on their finger rings, necklaces, bangles or cloth accessories like a broche. Among these precious stones, diamonds are considered to be the rarest and, therefore, most expensive. People use these stones as a status symbol at parties and get-togethers. Amongst different types of these crystals, pink diamonds hold a special mention. People love to own these stones, and they have all the valid reasons for it. If you wish to buy one for yourself, let us give you some tips to do so.

Do not rank amongst the shades of pink

Pink diamonds are rare. There can be various hues of pinks in such crystals. However, there are no differences amongst these hues. Unlike other colored diamonds where the color originates due to the presence of minerals, the pink color is caused due to a phenomenon called plastic deformation. The inner complexity of such stones determines the phenomenon. There is no measure to differentiate such complexities inside the crystal till now. Therefore, all hues of pink pertaining to this stone hold equal importance.

Look into the size of the stone 

If you want to know the value of your crystal, you must measure the size of it. A diamond is measured in terms of carats. The higher the carat, the higher is the value. If you wish to spend big on your crystal, you should choose the ones with a higher carat value. You can also settle for the lower ends if the budget is a problem. Such differences in carat might not be detectable by the commons.

Another way to define the value of a diamond is its actual size. The bigger stones value more than the smaller ones. If you do not understand the carat concept, you can measure its value according to its size. If you can wear a big pink diamond as a pendant to your necklace, then you might draw all the attention at a party.

Look for historical importance

If you look into the history of mankind, many emperors and empresses used to have pink diamonds as a part of their jewelry. Indian emperors used to wear it as a part of their crown. Many emperors and empresses wear it on their fingers or as a part of the necklace. Although it is very rare to get your hands on such a crystal with historical importance, if you get one, do not leave out such chances. You will get such stones at many auctions. These precious stones are exceedingly costly, but if you can spend your fortune on them, you will never need to buy any jewels anymore. If you go to any party wearing such jewels, you will certainly be the center of attraction. 

Pink colored diamonds are very rare, with the only source globally are the Argyle mines in Australia. Therefore, these stones are considered to be one of the most expensive. If you wish to buy such stones for yourself, prepare to spend a lot and get the best for you.

Kevin Kholi

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