The Disadvantages Of Running A Business From Home

The Internet has enabled many people to quit their jobs and start their own small business, something that was nigh on impossible for the average person. E-commerce has taken off in the past few years, and more and more people are starting up on their own, selling products and services online from their home. While this might work for some, there are disadvantages to working from home, and here are a few of the obstacles the modern entrepreneur is facing.

Running A Business From Home

The wrong image

Like it or not, the consumer has many choices, and while your product might be as good or even better than your competitor, if they have a choice between a small operation run from home and an established business with offices, the latter usually wins. Fortunately, there are solutions, and with a virtual office, you can have the right image, without the huge costs of setting up an office.

Virtual office

These have only been available in the past few years, and using modern technology, can provide the small business owner with all the benefits of traditional bricks and mortar office space, at a fraction of the cost. If you search online, there are quality virtual office services that can give your business a corporate image. For those who live in London, an established virtual office company would have a number of locations, all in prestigious areas, and with a range of services available, you can tailor your needs to suit your business.

Disruption at home

Running a business from home might seem like the ideal solution, as one has no need to travel, yet bringing your business into the domestic environment means a lot of sacrifice. Someone has to man the phones at all times, and be ready to receive faxes and email enquiries, and as the business grows, it puts a strain on family life. The neighbours might not be so happy about the extra activity, and then there’s the problem of entertaining clients. While some might be OK with visiting you at home, many people would be a little uncertain, and that could have a negative impact on your business.

Lack of space

If you are selling goods online, the chances are you will need a lot of storage space, which would take up any spare room you might have at home. This might work for a while, but then you will need one room as an office, and with all the domestic and commercial activity happening under one roof, things could get a little hectic. The answer is to find a virtual office and they can handle all your business enquiries, as well as giving you a corporate image. You might think this service is expensive, however, with other companies using the same resources, costs are affordable, and with your business being so important, it isn’t worth taking any chances. You can use your virtual office to meet clients, as long as you book the space in advance, and with a host of other services available, your business will have all the essentials required for sustainable growth.


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