The Optimum Ways To Clean Venetian Blinds

Most individuals will surely agree to the fact that Venetian blinds are the ideal window wrappers for homes or office premises in the UK. Venetian blinds are stylish in appearance, while simultaneously being supremely functional. That being said, cleaning these blinds is by no means an easy task. With plenty of horizontal surface in comparison with other blinds, it is vital to remember that these blinds get dirty easily and need regular cleaning. In addition, they cannot be cleaned in a jiffy because the blinds are comprised of slats, which need to be cleaned in a separate manner if you desire to clean them without removing them from the window surfaces. Mentioned below are some of the vital tips that you must follow while cleaning Venetian blinds.

Optimum Ways To Clean Venetian Blinds

The first and foremost step is to utilise a soft, clean towel in order to prevent the bathtub from getting damaged or scratched. The next step is to fill up the bathtub with enough water, and place the blinds in the water. Before placing the blinds in the water, you must always remember to mix the right cleaning solution with the water. After mixing the cleaning solution, you must then leave the blinds to soak in an appropriate manner. Choose a cleaning solution that is effective to eliminate grease, dirt, and other toxins from different parts of the blinds. Next, you need to utilise a thin brush to effectively scrub the ingrained dust that has gathered on the window surface. When the Venetian blinds appear clean in the water, you need to remove them from the tub and discard the dirty water. Venetian blind cleaning by Bright a Blind is the best bet for your money.

Alternatively, you may opt to clean the Venetian blinds outdoors if you do not wish to utilise the bathtub or if the bathtub is too small to fit the size of the blinds. You may utilise the playing ground or driveway for the purpose of cleaning. An alternative option is laying out a clean blanket between the blinds so that they do not gather dust from the outer surface. If you opt for this method for cleaning the blinds, then you should not leave them soaked in water; but, you must utilise a thin brush in order to eradicate the dust. You may clean as well as rinse the blinds at least two to three times to obtain desirable results.

Following completion of the cleaning process, it is crucial to effectively hang them with the aim of allowing air to pass through the vanes, while simultaneously preventing damage through all possible means. You may hang them from a shower rail present in your bathroom or, alternatively, hang them on the garage beam. It is important to dry these blinds before you fit them back in the original position.

Venetian blind cleaning by Bright a Blind is the most competent and professional service provider when it comes to cleaning Venetian blinds. You must undertake the task of cleaning Venetian blinds at least a couple of times each year. Besides, for getting the best and ideal appearance of the blinds, you need clean it every day on your own in a light and gentle manner. You may use a vacuum cleaner or merely a thin brush to eliminate dirt that gathers on a daily basis.

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