Tips On How To Split A PDF

You may find yourself in some circumstances where you have to split a PDF. For example, you found some pages with important information and you would like to extract them individually into a single PDF. You have a large PDF document and you want to split it into several parts. You can split a PDF using a web browser or PDF splitter software.


In Windows 10, you can split a PDF document in any document viewer that has a print command, for example, an image viewer application or the Google Chrome web browser. All you need to do is to open the PDF in the document viewer and select Print from the menu. When the Print dialog box appears, you must select the Microsoft Print to PDF option. Next, you must enter the page range in the Pages section. For example, if you want to extract page 3, you must enter page 3. If you want to extract page 3 and page 6, you must use a comma, for example 3, 6. Finally, you can click on the Print button to save the PDF and select the destination folder to save the file.

Another way to split a PDF is to take screenshot of the pages you want to extract and then use an image editor to save the screenshot images as PDF. First, you must open the PDF and scroll to the page you want to extract. You must maximize the PDF viewer so that the page will be displayed full screen on your monitor. Next, you must press the print screen key on your keyboard to take a screenshot of the page. You must save the screenshot on your computer. After that, you must open the screenshot in an image editor like GIMP editor. When the screenshot is opened, you must go to the File menu and select the Export as option. When the Export as dialog box appear, you must select Portable Document Format (PDF) in the Select File Type (By Extension). To convert multiple pages into a PDF, you will have to copy the 2nd screenshot page and paste it into the first screenshot page. You will also have to expand the canvas size to make this method work. You can go to Image > Canvas Size to adjust the canvas size.

You can also use a pdf splitter software like Movavi PDF Editor to split a PDF. The software has an extract tool that let you extract a single page or a series of consecutive pages from the PDF. The editing mode is the Pages mode. Opening a PDF in the software is easy. You simply drop it into the file drop zone. After that, you must click on the thumbnail of the opened PDF. On the top toolbar, you will see the Pages button which you are to click to go to the Pages mode. When you are in Pages mode, you can click any page’s thumbnail to select it. After selecting the page, you can click on the Extract button to extract it into a PDF. You can enter a new file name for the separate PDF which contains the extracted pages. If you want to convert the selected pages into image, you can click on the Convert to JPG, PNG and BMP button on the right.

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