Top 5 Reasons For My Compensation Claim To Be Rejected

  1.   No evidence

If you have been injured in an accident that was not your fault, and there is no physical evidence to prove that your accident caused your injuries, the other side may dispute your claim on the basis that there is nothing to prove their liability. This has proven to be the case with some workplace accidents. However, it is important to remember that your solicitor will be ready for this move. Even if there is no evidence, it is up to the other side to offer evidence to the contrary. If they cannot, then your solicitor will put more pressure on them.

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  1.   Evidence disputes

Sometimes, where evidence is submitted to strengthen a claim, the other side can dispute that evidence. For example, if your evidence includes witness statements, then the other side may claim that the statements contradict one another. Or if your medical history shows previous injuries similar to those inflicted in your accident, the other side may claim that your accident only accelerated pre-existing medical conditions, instead of it being the cause of new injuries. Online solicitors for compensation will, under the circumstances, attempt to substantiate their evidence or counter the other side’s move will fresh claims.

  1.   Fraud or lack of substance

Sometimes, the other side may feel it necessary to allow a claim to go to court if they feel that the claim is fraudulent or otherwise not substantial. It’s important to remember that this is a very rare move and that very few personal injury claims go to court. However, some insurers have toughened up their legal departments and are now looking out for any claims that appear to be not as they seem. If your claim is legitimate, however, you have absolutely nothing to worry about and your barrister will prove your claim to be as such.

  1.   Not looking at the facts

Sometimes, insurance companies make mistakes. Sometimes, they say ‘no’ when really, if they looked at the facts, they would say yes. If your claim is rejected, your solicitor will look at why it has been rejected and if there is no legitimate reason for the rejection, they will counter immediately with an iron fist. You are the victim of an accident, after all, and you deserve justice, so you can rest assured your solicitor will do the best thing.

  1.   Claim amount

Sometimes, your claim may be rejected because of a higher than average settlement demand. Insurance companies grade injuries on a scale of 1-10 and they have guidelines for the amount of compensation they will pay-out according to this system. If your settlement figure demands more than their system allows, then your claim may be rejected.

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