Uncompromising Quality In Linen Service: It’s The Only Way

While there are a number of factors that will help you achieve success in the hospitality business, you can get a good start or continue your current success by delivering cleanliness and comfort. There are a few essential elements within these two categories, one of which is attention to detail. This process must be a daily focus for everyone in your organisation and for every supplier to your business. As the old saying goes, the chain is only as strong as its weakest link.

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To get a closer look at the idea of detail in the area of cleanliness, suppose for a moment that you are in charge of a nice hotel operation and also offer quality dining as part of the business. It doesn’t matter at which level you operate or whether the public considers you three-star, four-star, or five-star. You must make sure that your guests and diners experience order and cleanliness each time that they visit.

A dependable, experienced linen service is crucial to this process. You must be able to rely on having quality stock available at all times. In addition, you should be able to order from your supplier and receive necessary items in short order and on time. This is much more likely if you’re working with a company placing quality, style, and hygiene at the top of the priority list.

Know Your Business

With the right partner in the hotel, restaurant, and kitchen business, you always have access to the chef’s wear, kitchen cloths, crisp white bed linen, fluffy towels, and an array of white and coloured table linen that you need. Establish a solid working relationship with a provider such as the professionals at Johnsons Stalbridge and you can put more than four decades of experience to work for you. When you do, you’ll join dozens of other businesses in the hospitality industry such as hotels, bars, cafés, and restaurants throughout the UK who deliver unmatched client service because they receive flawless service from their linen supplier.

You may be operating a small local café with a few tables and a small regular clientele or you may be responsible for providing accommodations and dining services for hundreds of people in a larger city. At either extreme or somewhere between, you can be sure that your provider will know your business. After all, they’ve been meeting the needs of their valued clients in the hospitality industry for many years. The top service companies are intimately aware of the hygiene standards that you must meet. So they make sure that they meet or exceed those standards when they work with you.

Relying on an experienced professional is a great idea, of course. But it’s also important for that specialist to be flexible and able to adjust to changes in their chosen industry. Put your trust in a company that’s been delivering excellence for many years but also understands how even the most traditional businesses can change (and must change). Select the right supplier and you’ll be able to adjust to changes in your specific operation knowing that they’ll adjust with you.

Business Details

To change the focus for a moment, consider that you can benefit from the highest level of linen service without committing to a long-term contract. This one detail may be just as important to business owners as the high standards of comfort and cleanliness already mentioned. You can depend on the finest stock and quick, efficient delivery but you don’t have to tie yourself to one company for the long term. Only the industry leaders are able to provide this flexibility because they put customer needs first in every situation.

If you are at the point in your business life when it’s time to make a change in linen services, you can learn a lot by visiting the website or by calling to request a quote based on the information that you provide. There’s no obligation, of course, but chances are good that you’ll decide in the favour of an industry leader when you understand how much you receive for a reasonable price.

As you consider the linen service company for your needs, make sure that you will be working with trained staff members who are dedicated to providing first-class service. This level of customer service should extend from the factory staff to the service staff and delivery drivers. Once you work with a company at this level, you’ll be able to adjust your linen stock and use according to busy times and quiet times throughout the year. You’ll no longer have unused linen stock sitting on your shelves for weeks, even months, at a time.

More about Flexibility

In addition to being able to adjust to levels of business during the year, you’ll be able to make other changes without worry or stress when you have a trusted supplier on your side. When you have a chef change in the restaurant business or you redecorate your rooms or café, you should be able to select different colours for table linen and other items. With the right supplier, you can make these changes with one phone call to a customer service representative. And, there will be no additional charge.

When you depend on a linen supplier, every item that you get, from towels and bed linens to kitchen cloths and table linens, should pass a stringent quality control check so you receive only the finest items with no holes, creases, stains, or fading. Your supplier should spend a significant amount on new stock so that the linen you use is always of the highest quality.

If you need one more factor in place before making a decision on your provider, be sure to talk to colleagues and others about their experiences. If possible, read reviews and testimonials from past and current clients to learn more about the company that you’re considering. Chances are good that you’ll be led to work with a company that understands that they must work just as hard as you do to provide the highest level of service.

Industry leaders are in that position for good reason. They thrive because they built a reputation for uncompromising quality.


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