Want More Leads? Send A Postcard

Postcards. Just for holidays right? Show friends and family just what a wonderful time you’re having with a slightly dated picture of the beach or majestic views from the surrounding area. Actually who even sends them any more?

But let’s not right them off completely. Putting holidays to one side for a moment, postcards are actually a great little promotional too. They’re pocket sized, memorable and a little bit different. Whereas prospects might not ever get around to reading a brochure, a postcard is a quick attention grabber. With the right design and some smart, punchy copy they can have a big impact. Good news for anyone looking to promote their business or event on a budget.

Big corporates have it easy. Almost limitless funds to promote themselves. They’re everywhere, across all channels, pushing their message twenty four seven. For everyone else it’s a bit different. Small business owners appreciate that marketing matters. It’s just that without the luxury of in house expertise and resource, plus limited funds, they often don’t know where to start. No marketing equals no sales, but how best to get the biggest bang for buck?

The good news is that there are plenty of tried and tested low cost marketing techniques that get results. Printing postcards being one of them. Online printers offer a fast and affordable service. All business owners have to do is submit a logo and text. They can choose from a huge variety of templates, which makes the whole process quick and easy.

Online postcard printing gives business owners a great promotional tool. One that’s incredibly versatile. They make for a great give away at trade fairs for example, or they can be posted or included with local newspapers. A well designed postcard can switch people onto to a special event or a sales message.

Marketing doesn’t have to complicated or expensive. And the old ways of doing things still work. Just because new channels are emerging, there’s no reason to write off traditional techniques. Often it’s a case of finding the right mix and blend or each organisation. There’s no set method for marketing success and what might suit one business won’t necessarily suit another.

Online printing offers a seamless service. Design selection and ordering can be completed in just a few mouse clicks. Prices are incredibly competitive. Fast delivery standard. It makes perfect sense. No wonder more and more businesses are choosing to design and order printed marketing materials this way.

Once the postcards arrive it’s time to get to work. Promotional materials like this help to raise visibility and awareness. If potential customers don’t know about a business how are they ever going to sign up for its product or service. Promotion doesn’t have to mean hefty bills and complicated campaigns. Online printers are taking the expense out of creating high quality marketing materials and all kinds of different businesses are reaping the benefits. It’s really helping to create a more level playing field. Customers respond to quality marketing materials.

About the author – Richard Phelps blogs regularly about marketing and has written extensively about printing for various sites including Peanut Print.

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