What Are The Key Features Of An Open House App?

Open house apps are not less than a boon for agents as they are able to track their properties, open house and leads generated from their open house using the app. Earlier, the entire task used to be quite tricky and time-consuming . Technology has made information accumulation task much easier and simple. Now, agents can input information directly into the system in order to organize everything in a better way and follow-up. The lists of benefits of open house apps do not end up here as there are many prominent key-features of these apps. Let us have a look at the important features of these apps:

Effective Reporting To Stay Stress-Free

Gone are the days when agents had to put many efforts to maintain a record of each open house. However, there is no need to get into that since this new-age app is just enough to handle everything so smartly. It maintains a record of each open house so that you can use it in a fast and effective way.

Real-Time Feedback To Improve

Being in business means, it becomes necessary to keep evaluating your service on the basis of feedback. It helps you to get to know about the areas you need to emphasize on. Real-time feedback can truly help in this regard  and the use of open house app assists a lot in this.

Easy Follow-up

Why should you stick with the hectic manual process of phone-calls/Texts/Emails while running out of time? Open house app has been designed in a way so that following up with the text, phone calls or emails become quite easier for you.

Initiates direct information on the system

Many traditional apps will only gather information about buyers, agents, and properties. However, with these apps, you will be able to make direct conversations with the agents or customers. These apps allow you to feed the information on the system directly that will ultimately help in creating a proper way to follow up and organization. These features of the app makes sure that clients are always available to you. Going with this feature, you will also be able to increase the chances of influence on the purchase. There is no need to search for the clients or visitors phone number. You can interact with them via chat and check the feedback that they have sent you directly using the app.

Tracking of the properties

Another important feature of these apps is that you can keep track of the properties with ease. With this virtual platform, you will be able to conduct open houses, which are again a better idea. Through this feature, you can easily monitor the activity logs of the visitors and keep a list of potential buyers. It allows you to access any kind of time-sensitive details about the properties.

Send the follow-ups to the agents and the customers

These apps hold incredible feature of sending follow-ups, reminders and another kind of notification alerts to the client through emails. This feature creates a synchronization that will let the clients know how the deal is going on and what new developments have been done.

Integration of CRM for lead improvement

When it comes to discussing the key feature of the open house apps then do not forget CRM integration. It means that there is an ability to export the entire information and add notes to the CRM for leads improvement.

Open house app is considered vital for the agents. Apart from assisting the realtors, it is highly important for nurturing the leads effectively through integration or the application. Because of all these above-mentioned crucial features, an open house app is of great demand among real agents.

Kevin Kholi

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