Why Trade Forex with A Company That Guarantees Trader Safety

One aspect that differentiates between a good and awesome forex trading platform is the level of user safety. Any platform that capitalizes on user-safety is fit to be used for trading even in the harshest times and markets. When selecting a forex trading platform, you should neglect to check at how safe your activities and funds will be. The benefits of using a safe security investment company to make online trades are limitless.

Protection against Hacks

BYFX Global has adopted the latest secure sockets layer network security protocol. All client transactions, communications, and chats are kept secure private and secure. We have invested in the latest server authentication and identification policies so we always ensure that all the data is sent to the right client servers and terminals. Likewise, we have encrypted all data transmissions to help prevent issues with unauthorized access and data safety.

Separated Funds

One unique aspect about us is that we prioritize the safety of customer funds. Our use of sophisticated and segregated client accounts and top-tier banks to keep our clients’ funds has set us apart as a credible company that dedicates on making our customer safety a priority. We always safeguard your funds in safe third-party Japanese trust, SBI FX clearing Trust. This is an established trust in which the fund custodian is professional tax accountants.

Safety against Legal Problems

BYFX global is fully licensed and run by Japan’s most Cayman Islands Monetary Authority.  Our licensing and professional regulations help make us a top forex trading company Japan that considers the safety of their customer funds crucial. Trading forex with us gives you the assurance that at no instance will your funds or activities being exposed to unauthorized access.

Safe Website

One way in which hackers penetrate into your account to interfere with your transactions or activities is by bypassing the poorly coded website security layers. BYFX global understands that not adding an extra layer of protection on our website is a recipe for disaster and an easy way to expose client data and funds to malicious attacks. We have added an extra layer of protection on our website to make sure that our clients’ data and funds won’t be exposed to third parties who could end up interfering with it. We use the latest security techniques to provide our clients with the security they need in all their trading activities and transactions.

There are countless reasons most forex traders prefer us over other forex trading platforms. As you have seen above, we are one of the best Japanese foreign exchange markets online trading companies that have invested extensively in customer trading and funds safety. Our core motivation is to see each of our clients happy as they take on their trading activities on a daily basis. And considering that we work with highly qualified and talented customer care specialists, you don’t need to worry about facing hardships while executing your trading activities. For more information about our forex trading platform, the services, and products we have ready for you to take advantage of, you can reach out to one of our client support experts here.

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