Why Zero-Day Attacks Must Be Dealt With At Once

Almost all businesses these days are run by computers or internet. In fact, even the simplest business is already driven by internet. Files are not stored in cabinets anymore and instead, they are stored in hard drives. This makes a typical business easy to deal with. Wherever they go, they can still deal with their business like they are bringing their desks with them. They can have their meeting even if each of the participants comes from different corners of the world. Yes, the internet is making it easy for companies to grow their businesses.

Zero-Day Attacks

The cyber world is not without flaws

However, the internet platform might have made the lives of businessmen easier but it is not without flaws. In fact, there are so many threats in this platform such as malwares, viruses and so on. These threats are expected though and somehow, such threats can be addressed while they even start to cause any damage. What most businesses dread the most are those unknown threats that are hardly detectable unless they already caused substantial damages. One of these unknown threats is the zero-day attacks.

Zero-day attacks cannot be detected right away

Why are zero-day attacks dreaded? This is because these kinds of attacks are hardly known. Even the author of the application or program will not realize that the attacks are already ongoing. In fact, it might take months or years even before they will be detected and considerable damages are already incurred.

Zero-day attacks are conducted by hackers

Zero day attacks will occur when a vulnerability of an application will be disclosed to the hackers and these hackers will conduct nefarious activities through it. The moment the attacks will be discovered by the author, which is most of the time quite late already, that’s the time when they will be tagged as zero-day attacks. It goes without saying that there is really no chance, these attacks will be discovered before damages are not yet incurred.

SonicWall Capture is a potent solution

So, how can one deal with these attacks? What will be the treatment? The treatment will start upon the awareness of the author and they are called patches. But though the damages might not be prevented if the vulnerability is already known to the hackers, still this can be prevented. One way of doing it is by installing potent software like the Dell SonicWall software which is called SonicWall Capture. This is a cloud-based service that comes with SonicWall firewalls. You should learn more about this.

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