Your Option Of Finishes For Business Cards

The business cards of today have surpassed merely being a printed card featuring pertinent contact information. The business cards of today are designed to create a lasting impression on an individual, even years after they first became acquainted. Companies like Brunel One now offer businesses a plethora of finishing options for you to fully customise your cards so that they truly represent you and your work.


Varnish and Spot UV Finish

One of the most used finishes on businesses cards is the varnish and spot UV finish. The varnish finish is typically a coating which will appear as:

  • Matte
  • Gloss
  • Silk

It is often applied to the paper to not only make it last longer, but to enhance the appearance of the design. It is a cost-effective way to bolster the quality of your card.

Spot UV is also frequently used on business cards. This allows business card creators to enhance particular areas of the card, making the colours appear more bold and enriched than they would without it.

Carbon Fibre Cards

Business cards made of carbon fibre are one of the most unique and impressive new trends in business cards. Crafted from premium quality carbon fibre, these business cards are particularly effective for high-end companies and businesses, such as those involved in body shop repairs or the aerospace industry. See how Brunel One created carbon fibre look cards for ‘The Stig’ Ben Collins to promote his new role in media and motor sport as an example of how a high-quality carbon fibre card should look.

Cut Die Finishes

Die cutting is the process of cutting a business card into a variety of different shapes. It is largely used simply to give the card a different shape, which is fantastic for businesses involved in creative industries. Generally speaking, the typical rectangular business card is a better option as it is easier to slip into one’s pocket or wallet. However, the endless creativity which this finish allows for can make a huge impact on your business acquaintances and networks.

Foil Blocking Finishes

Want to add just a touch of elegance to your business card? Then consider foilblocking. This technique changes the appearance, texture and feel of the card. To accomplish this look, business card printers press a coloured foil into the card paper with a heated die. This type of format is used to make a card more unique or to enhance certain text or typography.

Folding Finishes

For those looking to add a fresh and creative touch to their business cards, a folding finish may be the answer. This style of card allows for boundless creativity and design and, when used correctly, can make a huge impact.

One must carefully consider the message and industry they are in, however, before selecting this type of finish and creating its design. While it can work in virtually any kind of industry, some may need to tread lightly in order to project the image they hope to create. Also consider the fact that having a card which is folded means that it is more prone to rips and tears, regardless of how strong or fortified the paper may be.

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