Best Degrees to Find Work

While many college graduates are struggling to find work, those who have attained degrees in certain fields will have an easier time to get a position. These 10 degrees are some of your best prospects to look for work.


The world’s dependence on technology is growing rapidly, and computer science is a degree to have if you want to make a fortune on this. The occupations in this sector include: software developers, systems analysts, and managers of information systems, security analyst, web developers, and architects network. The projections of the government that more than 300,000 jobs will open for each of these occupations is between 2010 and 2020, the average annual wage for all these will be $ 75,000

Civil Engineering

As people have become more aware all’ambienti and infrastructure problems, there will be a strong demand for environmental engineers and building inspectors. To get one of these jobs, you’ll need a degree in civil engineering. The number projected for the openings of new jobs until 2020 in both careers is very high – 51,400 for environmental engineers and 51,200 for building inspectors – although the annual salary of the two differs enough, with an environmental engineer who earns $ 78.740 and an inspector construction company that earns $ 54.880.

Health Administration

The average life of the people has lengthened, so ii services manager of medicine and health, also called administrators of health, will have to plan, coordinate and dirigire these medical services and personal care. The government estimates that from 2010 to 2010, will open up 303,000 places in this area. The average annual salary is $ 84.270.


The estimated number of jobs available for architects who plan and create buildings, is very good, with 113.700 jobs that will be opened until 2010. Many architects get a degree in architetttura through a program of five years, and on average have a good salary, $ 72.550 per year. Completing an internship, you will have the advantage when you try work, but a candidate whose creativity is at the first place, compared to other job opportunities will have much more promising.


Degree in accounting offers many options for your career: accountant, auditor or financial analyst. Accountants and auditors working with financial documents, preparing and checking them carefully. Financial analysts measure the performance of stocks, bonds and other investments and administer investment decisions. The average annual gain of each of these occupations is very good, for accountants is $ 61.690 and financial analysts is $ 74.350. In addition, each has a number of excellent projection up to 2020 accounting for 1,216,900 people, and 236,000 for financial analysts.

The professional nurses provide and coordinate medical care to patients. This field has a number of excellent projection for available places -2,737,400 to 2020 – mostly as a result of the fact that the age of the population has increased and there is a greater emphasis on preventive care. While it is possible to become a registered nurse with only a diploma from an approved nursing program, those who have a degree in nursing are more job opportunities. The salary is very good, $ 64.690 per year.
Support teachers
Special education teachers to work with those who have learning problems, emotional, mental or physical disabilities. Due to the increasing demand for services for special education, the need for teachers is estimated to grow – especially in kindergartens, elementary schools and middle schools. The estimated number of seats available for special education teachers in these areas is very good, 459.600 places from 2010 to 2020, and the average annual salary is $ 53.220.
Social Workers

With the growing need for social services, those who obtain a bachelor’s degree in social work, are in a high growth industry, the seats are provided 650.500. The work of these professionals is to protect the child’s vulnerability and help families in need of assistance. Social workers have an average annual salary of $ 42.480. A degree in social work, will work well in the work of social workers and mental health assistant. If your goal is to be a clinical social worker, however, you need a master.

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