What Benefits Does IPAF Training Offer?

IPAF training

IPAF training

What You Can Expect

IPAF courses are some of the most popular in the construction industry, and we guide a huge number of delegates to success every year. As the provider of IPAF courses London candidates trust, we’ve seen just how much of a difference the qualification can make. If you pass the IPAF course, you can look forward to the following benefits:

Using MEWPs Safely

An IPAF course equips an operator with the skills and knowledge they need to safely use a platform. A correctly trained operator will know how to check that the machinery is placed in a proper position, which will guarantee the safety of not only the user but anyone else working nearby. An IPAF course graduate will also know which lanyard and safety harness to utilise while using the platform, further improving safety outcomes.

Understanding Machinery

The IPAF course will also help you to build a solid awareness of correct machinery use. No matter how safely an operator sets up a MEWP, there will always be risks involved – and accidents can happen as a result. Therefore, is important to have a strong working knowledge of all machinery that is involved. This is covered in all IPAF training courses, giving them the skills that they need to make the correct judgement at every stage of the assembly process.

Protecting Others

Taking an IPAF course is the most effective way of ensuring the safety of any other people working around the platform. The machinery used on MEWPs can be very large and powerful, and as a result, any accidents involving these can all too easily involve people other than the operator. Because of these risks, effective emergency procedures must be put in place. While implementing these procedures is very much a worst-case scenario, everyone must know what to do in such a situation.

An IPAF training course will help you to recognise all relevant risks and will show you what to do in an emergency. Many people choose to take a First Aid at Work course to complement their IPAF training.

Putting Together A Rescue Plan

Finally, the IPAF course will provide you with the skills and knowledge that you need to recognise hazards. An IPAF training course will show you which hazards to look for – both common and uncommon – and how to put together a rescue plan that can be performed by people who are working around the MEWP. This will only be carried out if an operator becomes stuck between a building and a platform and will allow those workers to do without causing any further injury to the MEWP operator. So, it will benefit your entire team.

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