Common Storage Solutions Needed Within an Office

Whether you are looking for your first office or your next, the search can sometimes end up being quite long and laboured. There are so many things to consider that it can be a bit overwhelming, ultimately making you a bit confused about your choice. It is easy to get distracted by exposed brick walls and glass features, but you will need to think about the practicalities more than the special extras.

You have a team of employees that need to fit comfortably inside, with sensible spaces in which to work and interact in. You will also need to have plenty of storage, which is something a lot of people forget about when they are looking for an office. Here are the types of storage solutions you will need in your new office:

Filing cabinets

Your human resources and finance teams will likely need to have an organised set of filing cabinets to carry out the responsibilities of their roles. A lot can be done on the internet these days, but paper invoices and statements are still sent and received, and these must be kept in order. The HR team will also likely have a tangible file for every employee in the business which includes everything from their job description to their appraisal forms.

Desk drawers

Most staff members appreciate a separate area to keep the odd few bits and bobs, which is why sets of drawers can be so handy. They are not normally used for more than a couple of pens and teabags, but it gives employees a sense that they have their very own space and are valued enough to receive it. Desk drawers also reduce the amount of clutter that would otherwise be on the desk, which can look unprofessional when you have visitors.


It is useful to have shelves dotted about the office so staff members can access books and guides that help them to do their job. Sometimes it can be helpful to cross-reference things, or read about a method that is unfamiliar to them. You should make an effort to regularly check the usage of shelves to ensure that they are not being filled with bits of rubbish though.

Kitchen cupboards

Your office kitchen and break out areas will need their own storage too. You can have a look at what is often included in these types of office storage solutions at where there is a helpful section on break out areas. Typical suggestions include cupboards for crockery and glassware, drawers for cutlery, and even space for cereal boxes and bread.

Coat hooks

Lastly, think about everyday storage uses and you will come on to the idea of coats and bags. If you had a very swanky office you might want a cloakroom, but most businesses will have coat stands and hooks available for staff members to use. This keeps desk areas free from clutter which can make the office a lot prettier to look at.

Kevin Kholi

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