Everything You Should Know About SSSTS Training Courses

The role of a supervisor at a construction site or such other projects is very much important and inevitable. It is because all the tasks or activities are accomplished in the most excellent manner possible at any site or project under the guidance and supervision of a supervisor. To train supervisors for all the tasks relevant to a construction or any other project, SSSTS training courses are introduced. SSSTS stands for Site Supervisor Safety Training Scheme.


The main aim of this course is to make the prospective supervisors familiar with theoretical as well as practical knowledge and skills required to accomplish any construction project successfully. The candidate learns to detect the problems and to find apt solutions for the same. Keeping in mind the importance and benefits of this course, most of the prospective Site supervisors make efforts to find SSSTS training courses suitable for them in their respective areas. Let us now explore some important points and facts about SSSTS training courses in the current article.

What is SSSTS training course? – The SSSTS training course includes a set of courses that are meant to make prospective supervisors become aware about their responsibilities. The main aim of these courses is to make supervisors aware and responsible about safety and health of all the concerned at any construction site. It means the course teaches the supervisors how to manage everything at any site so as to ensure safety and good health of all. Also it trains supervisors to accomplish the entire project in a successful way.

What is taught under SSSTS training courses? – In the course, the supervisors are trained in understanding their individual responsibilities relevant to any project. Also they have to understand what is expected of them in any construction project. They are also trained in identifying any issues that may arise during a project. Besides they also learn how to find apt and suitable solutions for concerned problems. They are also taught about the documentation process in relation to any project. In simple words, the supervisors are made to learn and understand the Health and Safety Laws.

Choosing the right course for you-As far as site supervision training courses are concerned, various institutions provide training in varying skills relevant to site supervision. There might be differences in the training courses depending upon the individual needs of the concerned projects and the areas of their operation. Hence you need to choose any such courses carefully. For this, you need to find SSSTS training courses best suited to you as per your unique requirements.  

Advantages of SSSTS training courses– Well, the main advantage of SSSTS training course is that the candidates get certification in site supervision and site management in just two days. They come to know about their role and responsibilities regarding site supervision or site management. Hence they get prepared for their future job in site supervision and kick-start their career in the most excellent manner possible.

This was all about SSSTS training courses. Knowing all this you may find and choose the best course suited to your specific job requirements.

Kevin Kholi

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