Things To Keep In Mind While Designing Construction Signs

Constructions keep on taking place at various places such as roads, homes, commercial places, industrial units etc. Although all necessary measures are taken by the concerned authorities to ensure the safety of all concerned at and around the construction site ,however, construction signs help in accomplishing this task well. Different types of construction signs are used at construction sites to make individuals aware of any possible risks. It also helps in the diversion of traffic of people or vehicles at the concerned site. Hence construction signs play an important role at any construction site. That is why these are to be designed very carefully. There are some significant points as mentioned hereunder that need to be considered to design construction signs.

Size of the signboard

Obviously, any construction signs can be displayed only on some board. Hence you need to consider the size of the signboard that is to be used for the purpose of display of constructions signs. The size of the signboard must be in correspondence with the place or space where it is to be put. Use a comparatively bigger size signboard for places where there is considerable space in front of the actual site. Whereas a small sized signboard will suffice the purpose of a smaller place.

Size of the fonts and signs

Any construction signboard has fonts as well as certain signs displayed on it. The message on the board is displayed as per the type of risks involved or the type of caution to be given to the readers. Signs are used for those who are unable to read or to make the same distinctly visible even from some distance. The size of fonts and the signs to be used on the signboard must be such that it is easily readable and visible to the onlookers. It helps in making the readers and viewers alert right from a distance so that they may take necessary precautions or divert their way.

Style of signs and fonts

Mostly simple style of signs and fonts is used to be displayed the construction signboards. However, you may choose an effective and somewhat distinct and bold style for the same. It helps readers to recognize the board as well as the associated risk right from some distance. Hence they may reroute their way to avoid any problems.


The colours of the fonts, signs and the background of the constructions signboards are to be chosen very carefully. It is because some places require you to follow the rules and regulations laid down by the relevant officials as far as designing of the construction signs is concerned. You need to use some specific colours in some places. In case, there are no such restrictions then you must use such colours that indicate towards relevant risks clearly. Use such colours that are visible even during night time. For this, fluorescent colours may be used.

Keeping these points in mind, you may design or get the same design from the concerned professionals in the most excellent manner possible. You may rest be assured of the safety of all after putting these construction signs at the relevant place.

Kevin Kholi

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