GWC Valves: Contents Of A Marketing Plan

The GWC Valves team should continue to create and modify their marketing plan as time goes on. A company can be successful in the present but making minor tweaks can sometimes help customer satisfaction and their profits as well. The GWC Valves company is a trusted company known for manufacturing their different high quality and efficient valves that have been used in several industries around the globe. Their valves have been used for 6 different industries, which include, power, oil and gas, chemical, mining/minerals, petrochemical, exploration and production. They are well known all around the globe for serving these industries with their diversified valves.

GWC Valves

There are many different sections when it comes to a marketing plan which include the executive summary current marketing situation, threats and opportunities analysis, objectives and issues, marketing strategy, action programs, budgets and controls. For the executive summary of the main goals of the company and the recommendations of the plan for management reviews. This summarizes the major points in the business plan and a table of contents will follow this. The current marketing situation is all about explaining where the GWC Valves company stands and this includes information about the market, product performance, competition, and distribution. The threats and opportunities are important for the GWC Valves company being they are the best company that manufactures valves. This assesses any major threats and opportunities that the product might face. The objectives and issues states the marketing objectives that the company would like to attain during the plan’s term and discusses key issues that will affect their attainment. The company needs to think of an appropriate marketing strategy, which outlines the broad marketing logic in which the company can create customer value and relationships to the specific target markets they have created. Following this the GWC Valves company needs to come up with their action program which is a strategy used that answers questions such has what will be done? When will it be done? How much will it cost? Following this the budgets of the new product need to be focused on which is a detailed marketing budget that is essentially a projected profit-and-loss statement. The final step is the controls, this is what will be used t monitor the progress and allow higher management to review the implementation results and spot products that are not meeting their goals. A marketing plan is just as essential as a business plan for the GWC Valves company.

Kevin Kholi

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