How About The Jobs That Pay You More?

Work is worship. However, the million-dollar question is how many of us truly believe that jobs are worship. Perhaps, a very few and that essentially differentiates those select few from the rest. Again, another class of people dies unsung longing for the right opportunity. In the words of Napoleon Bonaparte, the famous French Emperor, ability is nothing without opportunity.

jobs that pay you more

However, the fact is majority of us do jobs for money so that we can take care of our day to day needs alongside the family and future. After all, you have a limited span of life and so is your work life within that. This, in other words, construes that you even have a smaller span of life limited to a few years within your lifetime for doing jobs for the sake of earnings. Naturally, you aim will be to search for jobs that pay you more.

There is nothing wrong in your search for the jobs that invariably pay more in life. Here is a list of few jobs that you may consider while hunting jobs bespoke to your need.

· Sales jobs: Sales department of an organisation is the one that earns revenue though the contributions made by other departments such as accounting and finance, customer care, and logistics too deserve a mention. Nevertheless, the sales job gives you solid earning potential. For instance, there are essentially two parts of the salary of a salesperson – fixed and variable. Fixed part is the remuneration that one receives and the variable part includes incentives, bonus, and others such as the sponsored trip to some holiday destinations to name a few here. The variable part, as the name suggests, will by default change from an organisation to another since every organisation has its own set of rules.

· Marketing jobs: Though there is always a wide confusion between the sales and marketing functions of an organisation. To make things clear, marketing, as a department, usually doesn’t exist in the case of small organisations and only big organisations can keep two different setups for sales and marketing. Practically, the role of marketing is bigger than that of sales and thus, earning potential here is huge.

· Customer care: Customer is the king today and gone are the days when sellers used to enjoy upper hands. For instance, some years down the line, people used to wait long for their car to be delivered. Today, you have many choices and thus, waiting long for a brand to deliver is over. In other words, businesses around the world have become eccentric that revolves around customers. You get to see companies spending millions of pounds for the customer education and management. The growing thrust on CRM (Customer Relationship Management) has opened the floodgate of earning opportunities for the people employed in the customer care division.

In short, there are innumerable jobs that pay you more. It is, therefore, the organisation that you work for and your hierarchy of working there are all that critically determine your success here.

Kevin Kholi

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