How To Prevent CVA By Following Some Effective Steps?

Sufficient flow of blood to the brain cells is a must to keep it functioning in efficient manners. We come across many persons that suffer from cva, i.e. the cerebrovascular accident that is defined as the specific brain disorder. It usually occurs because of interruption in the usual supply of blood to the brain or spinal cord. Elder people fall more victims to this dreadful disease. However others are also no exception. Those suffering from diabetes or alcoholism are more prone to this ailment. Wrong lifestyles, excessive drinks, smoking, high blood pressure and inactivity may be the real culprits behind this dangerous disease.


How to prevent this most harmful ailment – Those affected with this disease are advised to stick to the following tips:

  1. Regular exercising – We observe that the people involved in comfortable seats for their daily jobs fall more victims to strokes. It is because of the irregular blood pressure that makes them sick due to this disease. Regular exercising helps in reducing the blood pressure to great extent. It is useful to strengthen the heart that makes fewer efforts to pump blood to other parts of the body. Thus chances of stroke are reduced to great extent if the persons get involved in exercising in regular manners.
  2. Moderate drinking – Those taking alcohol in excessive manners are more prone to strokes. Drinks are the real culprits behind this dreadful disease. Habitual drunkards become victims of strokes more as compared to the ones that abstain from drinks or take the same in moderate manners. As such it is recommended to drink moderately.
  3. Check on weight – People with extra fat in their bodies become sicker due to strokes as compared to the ones that possess slim and thin bodies. As such weight management is a must to keep cva at great distance. Different methods may be adopted to cut down extra fat from your bodies. Use of lemon, exercising and other methods are useful to say NO to extra fat in their bodies become sicker due to strokes as compared to the ones extra weight.
  4. Healthy diets – Foods enriched with fiber, nutrients and iron etc are good for the people that intend to keep strokes at bay. Blood pressure and cholesterol get heightened with saturated fat that must be avoided. As such a control on the level of cholesterol is a must to prevent the disease. Foods with less contents of sodium are good for saying NO to this dreadful ailment. Taking green leafy vegetables, fruits and fresh juices is good to reduce the chances of strokes.
  5. Quit smoking – Chances of strokes become higher as regards smoking. The non-smokers are less prone to this disease as compared to the smokers. The latter fall victim to cva that is a harmful disease. People that smoke in excessive manners are at the risk of hypertension.
  6. Leading simple lifestyles is good to say NO to this disease. Simple living and high thinking is all the more beneficial.

The above simple tips can be of great help in reducing the chances of cerebrovascular accident, i.e. the cva. So follow the same and live healthy and happily.


Kevin Kholi

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