How to Save Money on Your Next Office Rental

Renting a new office space can be expensive. However, it can also prove to be the perfect time to think carefully about your business needs and start making some savings in certain areas. Here are a few ways to cut down on costs when you move offices and enjoy some long-term savings as a result.

Rent Somewhere Smaller

One simple way to cut down on costs is by simply renting a smaller office. You may not have considered this before and you may automatically start looking for an office of a similar size to your current one. However, moving offices could be the perfect opportunity to downsize.

One way to do this is to allow your employees to work remotely. By letting them work from home you may be able to cut down on the amount of space you need in the office, and you could just use it to hold the occasional meeting.

In addition, by cutting down on the size of your office you may be able to rent somewhere in a more prestigious location. For commercial property, Mayfair is hard to beat when it comes to choosing somewhere prestigious, so this could be an option if you downsize.

Cut Down on Energy Bills

If you can cut down on your energy bills, this could help you to make some significant savings over the coming years. One of the best ways to cut your bills is to arrange your new office in an open-plan design. By doing this, you can avoid the need for all of your employees to heat their own individual offices or keep them cool with air conditioning, and this can lead to some significant savings.

Haggle on Price

There is nothing to suggest you cannot haggle on the price when you are looking for a new office. If you find the perfect office but you want to get a discount, try to reach an agreement with the owner. You never know, they may be open to offers, and you could save a significant amount over the coming months as a result.

Share an Office

Another option could be to share an office with another business. If you know of another company that is looking for an office, consider proposing the idea to them. It could allow you to both rent an office in a prestigious area while paying less, and could help you both to cut down on your bills.

Of course, you will have to find a suitable business to share with rather than a direct competitor. Perhaps start looking for businesses that work in a niche that could compliment your own business and then you could help each other.

Save Money in Your New Office

These are all ways in which you can make some significant savings when it comes to moving into your new office space. Moving offices can be an expensive process in itself because there are often numerous additional expenses to consider, but it can be a good opportunity to make some long-term savings that can have a positive effect on your bottom line over the coming months and years.

Kevin Kholi

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