Four Growing Job Sectors in the UK That You Should Keep In Mind

When you’re a kid you often say “when I grow up I want to be (enter preferred profession here)” but it can be a bit overwhelming when you realise that you actually have grown up and you’re now a young adult who needs to figure out what to do with your life.

This is a common problem for those who are in sixth form and are trying to figure out what to study at university. There are many careers that ask for specific degrees so it can feel like a lot of pressure to get it right; after all, nobody wants to pay thousands of pounds for further education only to end up with no career prospects! That’s why it is a good idea to consider growing industries and job sectors. Here are just a few to keep an eye on…


We’re using technology more and more each day, so there is no doubt that this sector would make an excellent career for those who have the skills and interests. It’s helpful to have a passion for making things work, finding solutions, and keeping up to date with all of the latest devices and advances. You could go to university and study to become a developer, tester or any of the other careers you might find on sites such as You could expect a starting salary of around £20K, but you’d be able to achieve more with a bit of experience.


We have an aging population in the UK, which means that the healthcare sector will need plenty of new recruits in the coming years. There will surely be more care homes, social services, nurses and doctors needed to take care of all of the elderly and sick people, so now is the time to get your degree and join the industry. You may be able to work for the public or private sector depending on what you want to do, so have a look at local providers to see what kind of salary you can expect.


With overcrowded classrooms and an ever-increasing number of people, we’re going to need more schools and more teachers. You could take a degree in education and specialise in a specific age range which interests you the most. It is a very valuable job teaching children the skills needed to progress to the next level; every stage is fundamental in their journey through life. You never know, you could end up teaching someone who will one day be famous!


Our infrastructure is being placed under more pressure than ever before, and it is engineers who come up with ways to improve these issues. There are many types of engineer so there really is something for everyone; this has traditionally been a career that attracts more men, but women are starting to get more involved with the profession too. So whether you end up as an engineer for a water company or an airline, the job you’ll do will be really important to everyone else in the country.

Kevin Kholi

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