Hyper-Local Start-Ups Augment Employment Opportunities In India

The favorable economic condition and the diversified demographics combined with the growing consumers and digitization have given wings to the Narendra Modi’s recent initiative- Start-up India, Stand-up India. Backed by the political support, Indian start-ups are enjoying the unique opportunities that are helping them to grow at a faster rate.   These online start-ups are consolidating their market position fast which is quite similar to how the astute industries took advantage of the Industrial Revolution in Europe in the last century.  The country’ economic upsurge has paved the brighter way for these start-ups and if they cash it in the proper way then they can marvel in the e-commerce industry creating strong niche both within the nation and beyond its boundaries.

Employment Opportunities

Prime Minister NarendraModi through his Start-up India, Stand-up India Campaign has contemplated making the country a start-up hotspot that will help to nurture the entrepreneurial skills and create jobs thereby boosting countries employment statistics. In an attempt to make this a comprehensive campaign promoting development across all the groups, Modi has encouraged the 1.25 lakhs banks to finance a minimum of one entrepreneur from the tribes, women and Dalits sections. Thus,a start-up in India is expected to have a bright future. According to the reports by KPMG, an independent consultancy, India already has 3100 registered start-ups that areexpected to rise to a thumping 11500 by the year 2020. Hence, e-commerce experiences a fascinating growth.

One of the most prominentverticals in the e-commerce industries is the hyperlocal start-ups that have become a part of every household. They are one of the resolute competitors who are striving to reach the peak of success. They are the major growth catalyst of the Indian Economy as well. In numerous ways, these online hyperlocal stores are posing challenges to its online counterpart as well as keeping the established online sites like Flipkart, Ebay and Amazon to name a few on their toes. They are creating a strong territory. These stores are banking on the myriad shopping preferences of the Indian customers. The Indian consumers though are still hooked to the brick and mortar shops they are also becoming quite used to the idea of online shopping. These online stores are juxtaposing the convenience and benefits of the neighbourhood markets and the facilities offered by the online retailing to provide the luxury of shopping to the consumers. They personally interact with the consumers to proffer them quality solutions at the relevant time.

The emergence of these hyperlocal stores online has improved the nation’s employment scenario substantially. These start-ups dependhighly on the automation and technology driven processes to trim their cost of operations which offers a promising ground for the IT professionals to exhibit their skills. They provide exciting job opportunities to the marketing professionals as well as they require strong promotional campaigns that will effectively and efficiently help aid them to create permanent footprints in the market.  These start-ups provide a distinct work culture that is flexible and has job opportunities for the nation’s inexperienced and experienced professionals. The umbrella of job opportunity is galore that has a place for the interns as well as you can apply for a job in the top management, say for instance VP Marketing. The recent trends in the job arena shows that successful adept professionals from across top companies are leaving their job to work for a start-up as these e-commerce players have the work culture where you will have great learning scope. With the growth of these mini firms, the employee base tends to grow as well roping in more individuals that help to overcome the growth inhibitors. However, the advancement of these firms not only make way for the white collared jobs but also take within its purview the local shops and businesses establishing a relationship with the consumers stimulating the entire business gamut.

These start-ups are also highly linked with the consignment and shipment services. The growth of these stores automatically has a positive impact on the logistics as they form an integral part of the delivery mechanism. Hence, the online start-ups are here to bridge the existing gap in the market and economy. To summarize the whole idea, these start-ups offer a symbiotic relationship creating a progressive atmosphere that in turn helps it to grow. These small enterprises nurture the subsidiary services that lift up the overall employment scenario with the aim of making India an all-inclusive economic powerhouse.

Author’s Bio: Agniva Banerjee is a writer by profession. She likes curating informative articles and blogs on diverse areas that provide a good read. She loves engaging the readers through her words and welcomes feedback of all sorts.

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