Job Opportunities In IT And Project Management In Turkey

Turkey has become one of the most important destinations for people seeking opportunities in different areas of specialization. Because of the government’s policy on development and the favourable investment environment, more local and international firms are willing to set their operations in Turkey. Here are currently trending job opportunities in IT and/ or project management in Turkey.

Software experts and support staff at GE healthcare (Istanbul)

GE healthcare, a designer and developer of Maintenance Management Software in the US, Canada, Europe, and Middle East is seeking specialists and support staff. The job will entail implementation of GECHs Asset Plus programs in healthcare institutions. This will include training user teams in customer sites such as nurses, med-engineers, and surgeons. Besides, the candidate will be required to leverage internal networks, package deliverables, and support proposal generations. The required qualifications include:

• Bachelor’s degree in relevant field

• 4 years of relevant working experience

• Experience and deep understanding of ERP, CMMS, BI solutions, RDBMs, and SQL syntax.

• Bilingual (English + Arabic)

• Strong team ethics

Billing and collection IT experts at Vodafone (Marmara)

Vodafone is looking to employ a billing and collection solutions professional. This professional will be reporting to manager in charge of billing and collection solutions. The main responsibilities for this position include;

• Designing, developing, as well as maintaining complex grading applications of services at Vodafone.

• Be part of the research in applications development with other team members

• Communication with cross functional teams

The main requirements for this position include perfect command of both written and verbal communication in English. The ideal candidate should also have ample experience with OraclePL, Java, and Database Modelling Tools.

Associate Project Manager CISCO (Istanbul):

This is an important position in the company and the successful candidate will be responsible ensuring customer projects are completed and objectives of clients met appropriately. Though the candidate will be trained for sometime before taking up the role, he is required to have a minim of a BS for a period of 4 years and a technical related degree. He should also understand methodologies used in projects and capability to relocate to Turkey. Software and web development experts in Istanbul These opportunities involve development of application software, websites, mobile apps, and online based software. These opportunities are becoming important in major Turkish cities because of their importance in the fast burgeoning businesses. These opportunities require candidates who have the following:-

• Ample training and experience in Java, C#, or C++.

• The Good understanding about data algorithms and structures.

• Ideal candidate should be ready to commence immediately and relocate to Turkey.

Software Engineers and support Marmara and Istanbul

Turkey industries and businesses focus on using IT to raise productivity and results have created an ever rising demand for Software Engineers. These opportunities are mainly targeted at helping systems operate effectively while others focus on improving current programs in use The opportunities require candidates to be conversant with ASP.NET, Wcf, MS Sql responsibilities and SOA. It is also critical for the candidate to be fully versed with Microsoft developer tools and Microsoft operating systems. In all the opportunities, only candidates with valid or are in the process of acquiring Turkey Visa will be considered.

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