Make Your Displays Come Throbbing & Alive

There is a universal need for a wide spectrum of contexts of outdoor and indoor display in today’s times – ranging from Conferences & Conventions; Marketing & Sales Promotion of products & services;  Public Service Announcements; Special Occasions – individuals as well as Organizations, etc.  

PVC Roller Banners

PVC Roller Banners fulfill all the above niches.

Conferences & Conventions: Conferences and Conventions Displays are placed at various strategic points of the Venue – at the entrance, at the hall – on dais, on speaker rostrums, and around the participants’ seating. The PVC Roller Banners provide cost effective solutions – as each requirement vis-à-vis size and text content can be met in a standardized manner. The digital printing on the PVC material is weatherproof and comes with sharp legible & indelible print quality.

Marketing & Sales Promotion: Marketing & Sales Promotion requires an integration of print, TV, Hoarding, Web & POS (Point Of Sale) of display material. PVC Roller Banners serve the function of fulfilling the POS niche as well as street-side hoarding. The ease of updating, adapting & modifying physical displays in case these are pre-planned (pre-set periodicity),  and in case there is a change in emphasis the post-edit matter can be swiftly made available in its modified avatar. The ease of changing banners at various points of display is an added advantage.  The product comes live with the option of specialized printing with enhanced 2D – 3D printing can make it even more striking.

Public Service Announcements: Public Service Announcements entailing a large amount of detail (text, graphics & pictures) – are an increasing in these days of transparency; requiring physical availability at strategic locations (outside Government offices, for example) of the material  supplementing print (read newspaper) as well as  sharing on the Web. The PVC Roller Banners fit this requirement to a T.

Special Occasions: Special Occasions are celebrated on a varying scale by Individuals (theme events, birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, religious functions, prayer meetings, etc); by Cluster of Political or Professionals or Professional Bodies (meetings, elections, agenda points, felicitation, greetings, etc); by organizations celebrating special theme based days (National Holidays, Festivals, Special Drives, etc). The PVC Roller Banners cater to each of these segments meeting the personalization requirements with active customer participation and involvement.

Movies & Television, Reality Show Promotion: Television Reality Shows  need a lot of display material – at various audition points across the country, at promotional events. And so do Movies  and these require customization which is a location oriented. PVC Roller Banners are lightweight and highly portable and reusable (dictated by content)

Major Benefits: Customization, ease of display, ease of incorporating changes, cost effectiveness, durability & reusability (if sought by the customer), ease in handling,  weatherproof material, indelible sharp printing (quality matching customer requirement) are some of the major benefits of PVC Roller Banners. The material is also bio-degradable.

Newer opportunities are opening up – and these are customizable and made to order – in design and quantity. So whatever the occasion make it come live and throbbing through PVC Roller Banners. Starting NOW!!

Kevin Kholi

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