The Best Way To Secure Your Stock

As a business owner or manager, you have the right and the responsibility to make sure that your stock is being secured. You don’t want anyone to be able to steal your products from the storeroom or the sales floor itself. You need to make sure that your products are safe. There are some people who choose not to protect their individual items, because they think it’s more cost effective to secure the door or the entrance ways somehow. There are several different good ways to protect your items, and you should deploy as many as possible to reduce your losses.

Security Seals

For example, very few things work as a better deterrent than actually having your employees walking around on the sales floor and interacting with customers. Cameras also work as decent deterrents, but they only manage to stop shoplifting if someone is actively monitoring the cameras at the moment that a theft occurs. Mostly, cameras are useful for identifying people after they have already committed a crime. You should seal your stock with flexible seals.

Flexible Seals

Flexible seals are the ones that tend to work the best and are most versatile. Depending on what products you’re selling, you might not be able to fit certain kinds of seals around your products. Ill-fitting seals are easy for certain enterprising criminals to remove. Flexible security seals can be wrapped around your products or packaging to create a tight seal. They’ll make it very difficult for criminals to remove the seal.

What You Stand to Gain

There is some debate about how much you need to be doing to secure your stock. It’s not entirely clear how much you would stand to gain from increasing your security procedures; it depends on the nature of your business. Whatever the case may be, there are often many different factors involved. You have to think about how much you might be losing due to shoplifting. You should also consider how much money you would be spending on flexible seals. There’s also a lot of uncertainty around what you stand to gain. Businesses that have a big problem with shoplifting obviously stand to gain a lot more.

Who to Trust

You should choose seals from a company that produces attractive seals that are also safe. You need to check the online reviews and the history of the company before you buy its products. The company should have a good reputation in the security industry. Also, it should offer to add logos or slogans to your seals. A flexible seal can only be so attractive, but you have to take advantage of just about every way you can find to market yourself. One good way to do that is to add information to the seal itself. When you add a logo, some information or a coupon to your seals, you’ll be able to create a marketing tool that’s also a safety feature.

Investing in good seals can help you keep your stock secure, no matter what shape the individual items might take.

Kevin Kholi

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