Make Your Small Business Stand Out

You can have a good product, you can provide a great service, you can run a respectable business, but if you are not getting your consumers’ attention it will all mean nothing. Most small business owners are not even aware of the fact that their own place of business can look eye-catching and alluring with just a little effort and a low-cost investment that will pay for itself in a matter of days!


Confidence is the key

Not a single soul will buy from an insecure salesman. Picture a shaky, scared, anxious guy on your doorstep talking to you about the advantages of some kind of a security system that he has to offer. It could as well be the best type of high-tech security system in the world, and he could be giving it away for free, but if he is not secure in himself, he will not have enough time even to say “hello” to you before you slam the door in his face. The same thing is with your small business, your store has to be inviting, and it is your number one sales agent. What kind of impression does your store leave on people? You should think about that because it is a first impression that a potential consumer will have about your business. Are you confident? You should be, you own a business and that is a great thing. Now ask yourself how are you expressing that you actually believe in your product and that your business is a reliable one?

Get noticed

 Draw attention to your business. You need a sign, the bigger the better, but make it obvious, not too big to comprehend. Creating a good brand for your entrepreneurship is half of the sale, people are simply detecting the signs almost against their will, and if you need to find a good way to stand out visually here are a few necessities:

–          Have a logo designed for your store. This is your cornerstone for building a brand. There are numerous studies about how a logo design is reaching out to the people for a reason – it simply works. Hire a professional designer, creating a good looking logo is not that expensive, as a matter in fact it is hardly an investment.

–          If your store is on a busy street, and people are walking by your store, don’t let them just walk by. Have the signs on your windows that will advertise you, make them simple but effective and printed out in high quality. This is also an affordable investment, you would be surprised how little is keeping you from being recognized and popular.

–          Print out flyers and distribute them through your neighborhood, mouth-to-mouth advertisement is 92% why are the customers coming to you specifically. If you get noticed people will talk about you, it is as simple as that. But when it comes to flyers, try to be innovative because there are so many of them nowadays.

Offer something more

If it is your first day of work, offer a discount. As a matter of fact, if you have a product or just a part of your service that costs you almost nothing you can keep a discount for a whole month. Consider having promotional products that you will give out for free, or simply print out calendars that you will give out with a receipt. 46% of the people that purchase something from you today will talk about it online, or with their friends, family and colleagues. If the experience was good for them, you will have no trouble drawing more and more positive feedback and attention.

Now the essential question is here again. Do you feel confident in your work? I’m sure you do, because when you have an encouraging visual announcement of your capability, it gets quite easy to feel prepared for every customer that walks through that door.

Kevin Kholi

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