Managing A Security Guard Force With A Monitoring Device

Managing a security guard force on patrol is a tough task due to different locations, 24/7 coverage, amount of workforce, etc. Top-tier security guards are essential for the success of a security company. A decade ago, there were fewer resources with the security companies to assure that they were rendering good quality service to their customers. Security guards were trained only once. But today, with the advent of technology and different development of software and device like security guard monitoring devices it is simpler to manage the security guard force. With the help of these devices, the movement of guards can be tracked easily, ensuring the guards are also protected and stay safe while patrols are undertaken as per the specifications of the customers. It sends warnings and alerts if any of the checkpoints are missed.

Benefits of guard monitoring devices

  • Automation: With the help of such devices or software security guards need not move around with a torch to check different areas. It makes the job of security guards easier, simpler, and reliable. The guard can examine the checkpoints by using such software applications and devices. It sends prompt alerts and messages, images, etc. automatically. The notifications are received by the monitoring centers in real-time about the position and activities of the guards.
  • Data Analysis: It is difficult to check large areas and buildings by just roaming around from one place to another. Guard monitoring system makes it easier to collect, examine, and update information received throughout the guard tours. By receiving information about the guard’s activities, it will help in solving different problems and also improving the patrolling system if required. 
  • GPS Monitoring System: GPS is the vital component for tracking the correct location for a monitoring system. It renders the facility to control the security guards from wherever you are and ensure that they are patrolling and are also protecting themselves. Having GPS features in the guard monitoring system improves authenticity, increases productivity, and improves overall safety.
  • Manage Remotely: Notifying regarding any threats and observing various areas takes a lot of time. Having a guard monitoring system will assist in managing multiple areas at different locations all over the world without any communication problems. It will also benefit in taking prompt actions from any place. The security manager in the office will be able to determine different checkpoints and the security guards.

Security Guard Monitoring devices are composed in a way to assure that the guard is doing their duty properly in the night and is not sleeping. The guard tour system plays an important role by providing proper reporting by every guard. This software allows defining the route map of each so that guards patrol according to the predetermined plan. Any kind of deviation or late arrival can be monitored easily. The required actions can also be taken according to such reports. These systems have many features and options which security guards will use every day for security purposes. It works according to the client’s specifications.

Kevin Kholi

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